Vlog Diary #1…Hot Tubs, Seaside & London Baby

Last week was a busy one and with so many lovely things planned I thought it the perfect opportunity to film my very first vlog diary…

It was a little weird at first, filming yourself in public…walking through a jam packed Embankment gardens whilst holding a camera to your face was hilariously embarrassing. You’re conscious of people staring, knowing that you probably look a little vain and a tad odd talking to yourself as you mooch along a public path. But I had so much fun making this and I’m a drama queen at heart so I’m sure it will get easier. Hats off to Vloggers who do this on a weekly basis alongside ‘hauls’ and blog posts…this stuff takes hours and hours and bucket loads of patience.

So here it is…I hope you enjoy it. My overuse of the word ‘cute’ (in this video) has now been replaced with an abundance of ‘ermmm’s’…but I read this article and apparently my “speech filler” terms are a positive thing. Who knew? Oh and if you’d like to see more of my mug then you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Let me know your thought on my first Vlog Diary in the comments below…

Can’t view the video- watch it here!

Until next time,

With Love & Vlogging Diary Firsts,

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