Vlog Diary #2…Road Trip, Rowing Boats & Crazy Chickens


The only time I find it easy to switch off and relax is when we go away for the weekend. My weekends are usually jam packed from start to finish with blogging, (and now vlogging), housework, socialising and somewhere in the midst of all that, spending time with the Husbter. Notice exercise didn’t get a mention- but I’m working on that as always. It’s only when I’m taken away from my busy life do I actually take a moment to breath and take the day as it comes, rather than trying to cram in a zillion and one tasks into every spare minute. So last weekend we went on a road trip to Worcester to stay with our friends for two days of stress free fun with a bit of chilling thrown in for good measure. Pass me the road map.

Like all good road trips, we packed a little picnic, (we ate everything before we reached the end of our street) made a ‘Road Trip Playlist’ and packed enough stuff to move to Worcester for a year before finally hitting the road. As I played DJ (which involved hitting the forward button a zillion times) the Hubster drove, (he didn’t like my playlist much.) Three and a half hours later we finally arrived.
We spent the evening catching up over dinner and wine and comparing our Google search engine history (it makes for some interesting conversation starters- everyone should try this at least once- it’s amazing what you can discover about a person just from their google searches!) 

The next day started with a very lazy morning including a yummy full English breakfast and a lengthy debate on what to wear (this changing season lark is totes annoying.) We finally set off for a mooch around William Shakespeare’s birthplace- Stratford-upon-Avon (as opposed to a ‘Gun Show’ that was on the cards at one point- don’t ask!)

Not long after arriving did we stumble upon the very quaint Hathaway Tea Rooms, a cosy grade II listed building that oozed history with its higgledy-piggledy layout and wooden beams. You were instantly hit with the welcoming scent of homemade cakes and coffee and thankfully for moi they had a ‘gluten-free friendly’ sign at the entrance which had me sold. Their gluten free carrot cake was amazing and huge too- so much so that I couldn’t finish it…think I must have been coming down with something because that rarely happens!

Full of tea and cakes, we then headed up towards the river to the RSC where we stopped to have a little nose in the gift shop. As always I picked up a few completely unnecessary, but ‘cute’ (of course) bits. Who wouldn’t want fridge magnets that quote lines from Shakespeare’s plays such as “Thou smell of mountain goat” and coasters that read “Have we no wine here?” I know, I need help. Hello, is that Shopaholic’s Anonymous…?

The riverside was buzzing with musicians and tourists enjoying the breezy but warm summer evening. In a moment of madness (we’re such crazy peeps) we decided to take out a rowing boat for a laugh. It was so much fun heading down the River Avon (it took me a while to get that right!) taking in the sights, getting beeped by on coming canal boats, avoiding a near miss with the weir (I still don’t know what this is) and generally sitting back whilst our husbands did all the hard work. Bliss.

Once we finally got our boat back to the dock, we went off to find Shakespeare’s house and it wasn’t hard to spot. Nestled within a bustling high street stood a very large-Harry Potter-esque house which was the birthplace of the infamous bard. Sadly we’d spent too much time cruising in our rowing boat so we weren’t able to enter the Shakespeare museum, which would have been fascinating, so we settled for a good old group tourist photo instead. Stratford is such a beautiful town and I would most definitely recommend a visit with it’s quaint restaurants and gorgeous shops surrounded by a beautiful setting and surroundings which pay homage to Shakespeare’s life and works. 

We ended our day out with a quick trip to see some crazy chickens, followed by drinks and dinner before setting off for home the next morning. It was the perfect weekend filled with a lot of laughs…just what I needed. Thank you guys for having us stay- we really do love every minute of your company and we look forward to our next adventure soon!

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With Love & Worcester Weekend,

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