Experience: The Weird & Wonderful Fanny’s Farm

Sunday’s are most perfect when spent with family and it’s always extra special when you spontaneously decided to venture out somewhere new. A few weekends ago we decided to take a spare of the moment trip out to Fanny’s Farm. We set off with the intention of having a cup of tea and a nose around a farm shop- but were taken aback by a particularly bizarre and surreal little place and it wasn’t long before we realised that this wasn’t your typical Surrey farm. Oh no, Fanny’s Farm was something different altogether. 

Nestled in the heart of the Surrey Hills since 1979, the farm is a little unusual and quite unlike any other I’ve experienced before. There’s no denying the time and effort that has gone into creating this surreal environment, with a maze of quirky scenes and what can only be described as well thought out displays of junk. From World War I bunkers, farming displays, treasure hunt trails to humorous signage above displays of complete and utter randomness. 

I’m still a little confused by the whole set up. There is no seemingly obvious connection or theme running through the farm, but probably the loveliest (and more acceptable) area the farm has to offer is The Treehouse. A unique setting which can be privately hired for afternoon tea, where guests can dine around a table that is encompassed by thick tree branches and decor so thoughtfully themed around Peter Pan

We mooched around, baffled by the quirkiness that surrounded us, stumbling upon some sheep, chickens and pigs, before stopping for a pot of tea in the farm’s teashop garden. As pleasant as it might sound, I wouldn’t recommended this pit stop for anyone with OCD as every item of cutlery looked like it needed a few rounds in a dishwasher- or chucking as my mum so kindly put it. Awkward. But nevertheless, I enjoyed my four cups of tea along with a satisfying slice of gluten free Victoria sponge cake. See, it’s rare anything ever puts me off my food. We then ended our visit with a trip to the farm shop where local and homegrown produce is sold, and stocked up on fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, eggs, strawberries and raspberries. Yum. 

In a nutshell- you’ll either love it or, like my sister, it will totally creep you out. She found the whole place a little unsettling- which I could completely understand. It was as if we’d been transported to the set of some period drama slash horror movie scene and about to encroach on a scene where the psychopath is stalking it’s next victim. But for all it’s oddness, it actually was a fun afternoon and if you’re looking for somewhere unusual to explore with a farm shop and a pot of tea, then Franny’s Farm is the place to visit- just leave your rational side and OCD tendencies at the door.  

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