Happy Blog 1st Birthday…Plus a DotComGiftShop Giveaway!

Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy Birthday to my blooogggg, Happy Birthday to my blog! You get the point right? Yay! Exactly one year ago today I sent my very first blog post out into the cyber space unknown…one hundred and seventy (gosh) posts, an array of brilliant experiences, an award nomination and whole lotta blog love later, and here we are celebrating one amazing first year of blogging. And what better way to mark the occasion than with a reader giveaway…whoop whoop! 

Sitting on my bed a year ago today, I didn’t know where the blog would take me or how big a part of my life it would become. It has grown into so much more than just a hobby. It’s become a passion- a place where I can nurture my writing skills, explore new ideas, experience new things, vent my thoughts and channel my emotions. But most importantly, it has provided a connection with others. Through the blog I’ve been re-connected with old friends and family, developed a common ground and understanding with strangers, reached out to loved ones and created a virtual doorway into my world for all to experience. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

My Top Ten Favourite Blog Posts- Year One

1. So I’ve Grounded Mum & My Sister…

2. Does Being Married & Thirty Mean I’m Unemployable?

3. Reflections on a Year of Marriage

4. In the Press…with Kate Winslet

5. Trials, Tribulations & Trying for a Baby…

6. Fifty Shades of Shame…!

7. Cinderella’s Day Out…

8. What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?

9. Excuses, Excuses!

10. The Wedding Planner

To say a huge thank you to my lovely readers for all the support over the last year, one of the very first brands to work with moi, DotComGiftShop, have kindly offered to celebrate this occasion by giving away a selection of goodies from their gorgeous birthday gift range to one of Miss Enchanting’s readers! Fab stuff.

Birthday Blog
I had a good old mooch around their website and have chosen a few goodies that reflect the blog’s style and content. I’m loving the Recycled Retro Bottle Bag, which would get filled in no time if, like me, you and Pinot Grigio are the bestest of buds…see evidence herehere oh and here!

I’m no expert cook (see more on that here) but I like to keep a tidy kitchen and when I came across this When My Husband Cooks Sign, I was reminded of the Hubster. When he is let loose in the kitchen (which isn’t often) in no time at all, my kitchen resembles a scene from Poltergeist. Pots, pans, utensils strewn everywhere and half the cupboards open- it’s a wonder he doesn’t knock himself out midway through cooking up his famous bolognese! Men…!

The very girly and dainty Pink Rambling Rose Washing-up Gloves reminded me of Mum, who has featured (not always willingly) on the blog a few times over the last year. I’m always moaning at her to use gloves when shes cleaning or washing up to keep her hands looking young! Mum and I have been lucky enough to share a few lovely experiences together, like this one and that one and she never fails to surprise and inspire me… read here…(which has probably been my most popular post to date- thanks Mum- you’re still grounded!)

I’ve always tried to keep the tone of the blog a little light and chipper, even when life gets a bit tough and I’ve had so much fun writing various posts over the last year. I’ve shamefully made myself laugh on one or two occasions, (it doesn’t take much) and so this Keep Calm Toilet Roll reminded me of the content I intended to create when I first started out. I challenge the winner of this loo roll to send me a toilet selfie with it- just for a giggle!

To be in with a chance of winning this selection of DotComGiftShop treats as part of the blog’s first birthday- then all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter below to enter…good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have formed part of my lovely and loyal readership over the last year. Your kind words and support have meant the world to me and I hope I can continue to keep you entertained for another year…no doubt I’ll still be trying to lose weight, shopping when I shouldn’t, embarrass myself and others in public and making more random videos to keep you all (and myself included) amused this time next year. Bet you can’t wait. You are all amazeballs…mwah!

What has been your favourite blog post from the last year? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time,

With Love & Blogging Birthday,

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Disclosure: Thank you so much to DotComGiftShop who are kindly supplying the featured gifts to one lucky Miss Enchanting reader. 

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

  • The prize is a selection of DotComGiftShop products which include: 1 x Recycled Retro Bottle Bag, 1 x Pink Rambling Rose Washing-up Gloves, 1 x Keep Calm Toilet Roll and 1 x When My Husband Cooks Sign.   
  • Entrants must follow the Rafflecopter instructions. For help using Rafflecopter click here.
  • Entries: Each reader can enter up to six times using the Rafflecopter, by answering the question provided in the comment section, liking Miss Enchanting’s Facebook page and following Miss Enchanting on Twitter, follow DotComGiftShop on Twitter and Facebook or tweet about the giveaway. For those of you already liking and following you will aromatically get a free entry. 
  • UK Entrants only. Apologies to my overseas readers…I will make it up to you one day! 
  • Competition closes on 13th September 2014 12.00am.  
  • The winner must respond within 7 days or forfeit the prize. Another winner will then be chosen. 
  • Miss Enchanting reserves the right to change or alter the prize should it be necessary.
  • Miss Enchanting’s decision is final. Firm, but fair. 

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