HOTW #27…Just Be

Sometimes you need to have a little meltdown that forces you to step back and take a moment to prioritise your life a bit. Over the last year I seem to have got in a bad habit of putting an incredible amount of pressure on myself to do something productive with every waking second of my life and it’s starting to take its toll. I always feel like I need to be doing something

If I’m not working on the blog, then there are always errands to run, housework to do, exercising to attempt, jobs to check off and people to see, leaving little time to just sit and relax. I’ve always been a busy chick, but I’ve usually been good at making time to take stock and recharge my batteries, but not of late. Since starting the blog, it may have provided a perfect distraction, but it has also dissolved my ability to just be.  

This week, as I sat surrounded by a huge to-do list, action plans and ideas along with a head full of ttc emotions it was obvious that I wasn’t getting anywhere with anything. So I called the Husbter mid meltdown and he said ‘take a break, go for a walk or a coffee- anything’. So I did. I soon found myself in a coffee shop with my book, but I couldn’t even concentrate on that- so I people watched instead. Something I hadn’t done for a long time. It was so refreshing to just sit there and watch the world go past and just be for a while. It reminded of why Blackout’s are a such a good idea. But a whole evening of just being isn’t always easy, so I’ve been thinking of ways this can be broken down to suit busy peeps like myself. 

So thanks to my mini meltdown this week I’ve decided to start regularly making more time to just be. Whether that be people watching in a coffee shop, reading a book in a park, taking a walk, having a candle lit bath or watching a film- as long as it’s time away from the stresses and pressures of a busy life. I’ve already done pretty well. I’ve even watched a couple of films, Shakespeare in Love (love it) and Sharknado 2 (beyond terrible and seriously the worst concept and film ever made- but it was so bad I couldn’t take my eyes off it!) But I already feel better for these little moments of just being, which makes me realise how badly I needed to make more time for myself, something that my family and friends have been saying for a while. So my little life revelation this week most definitely made my Highlight of the Week

What was your Highlight of the Week? What do you do to make time for yourself? Let me know in the comments below…!

Until next time, 

With Love & Just Being, 

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