HOTW #28…A Personal Trainer

It’s no secret that I’ve tried and tested a lot of exercise trends. From Barre Concept to Boot Camp, I’ve sweated my butt in all sorts of positions in an attempt to lose weight and get fit. But this week I took my fitness quest to a whole new level and I got myself a personal trainer. Oh pants. Now there is no getting out of this one. No hiding at the back of the class. No pausing for breaks when it all gets a little too much. Nope…it’s just me and my trainer making sure that I do every single squat and lunge and that I’m constantly tightening up my core muscles…triffic. 

Following on from some harsh advice from my doctor, (along with every other website containing tips on conceiving), I can no longer continue to casually dip my toes in and out of the weight loss waters when I feel like it. It’s definitely time to take it seriously and shed some excess weight as part of our journey to conception and you can’t get more serious than paying someone to shout at you to plank for longer and to run faster. So this week, having done two sessions with my lovely trainer and one on my own, I’m already feeling good and much more energised.  

It’s something that I wont be able to afford financially in the long term, but for now I’m taking full advantage of the support and the workout program that is tailored to getting my butt in shape for what might be to come and for that alone, my new fitness boost made my Highlight of the Week

What was your Highlight of the Week? Let me know in the comments below…!

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With Love & Personal Training Challenges, 

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