Come Dine with Friends…Benvenuti Amici

Our Come Dine with Friends series continued last weekend and it was the turn of the McCallum’s whose delicious cooking was the culprit for this friendly food related competition that we find ourselves in. With that, we knew we would be in for a night that would get our taste buds drooling and our competitive streaks working overdrive. This was one evening that demonstrated exactly how to host a dinner party, bagging yourself bonus points with a well planned and thoughtful Italian themed evening bursting with frolics, flavour and lots of fun.

The Menu

The evening started off with a selection of yummy Italian canapes, figs with Gorgonzola wrapped in parma ham and sunblushed tomatoes with basil and mozzarella. Delish. This was followed by Agnello Con Piselli Freschi, which I’m told was just a fancy pants way of saying ‘lamb with fresh peas!’ Translations aside, we were treated to a hearty autumnal concoction of potatoes, meat and vegetables served with toasted bread. Mmm…! A selection of cheese, fruit and truffles were served for dessert to complete one very yummy-front-runner-of a dinner.  

The Table Decor

It’s probably been about twenty-odd years (crikey) since I last had a party bag and this was clearly evident from the excitement we all showed delving into our place-cards-slash-favour. Our bags were packed with treats and party toys that kept six thirty year old’s highly amused in between courses, lobbing frisbee’s and parachutes across the dinner table. As you do. 

The Entertainment

After we kick started the dinner party competition, it was obvious that round one was seriously lacking in the entertainment department. An aspect that our hosts went to town on, including medals for the winners. Before dinner we were taken through to the lounge where six flags were arranged with an Italian word written on each. The aim was to guess which one wasn’t an Italian food. The Hubster was the first winner of the night by guessing that ‘calzino’ (sock) was the odd one out. 

But the most hilarious game of the night involved an empty cereal box, which each guest had to pick up with their teeth (no hands and both feet on the ground) and after each round an inch was cut off the box, evidently making it harder to pick up. It’s not as easy (nor elegant) as it sounds, but I highly recommend this brilliant party game to liven up any get together. 


We came home feeling full and aching all over (from the cereal box antics) from one awesome Come Dine with Friends evening. Well done McCallums…competition is on…!

Until next time,

With Love & Sera Brillante (Brilliant Evening!)

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