Spider Pranks, Spells & Hot Tub Halloween…

Now this is my kind of Halloween. A bit of shopping, some yummy food, followed by a dip in a hot tub with my gorgeous sisters, watching a tame chick flick spooky film, eating popcorn and drinking prosecco. No goriness, no unnecessary heart attacks, with the scariest thing to come out of the evening being Emily and Frances tormenting me with a plastic spider. Yes I hate spiders. Even plastic ones.

With my girlies in tow we set off for Shoreditch in search of shopping and, as always, food. After nearly running over a zillion pedestrians on Brick Lane- who knew it wasn’t the wisest of moves to drive down one of London’t busiest, tiniest, un-motor-friendliest streets-ever on a Sunday? Probably everyone, but I didn’t get the memo. Anyhoo, we finally found somewhere to park and soon stumbled upon Urban Outfitters
Wowzers…this is by far my new favoruite store- jam packed with quirky homeware, cool clothes and fab beauty products. Like kids in the Disney store, we each got a little overexcited and did a bit of damage to our bank balances…Oops! I picked up a few lovely bits which I’ll share in a shopping haul video very soon. The sales assistant obviously realised that we weren’t in Kansas anymore and kindly pointed us in the direction of somewhere “cool” and good to eat before we stripped down into bikinis…food before nakedness…its the done thing in a real girls world. We headed off in search of the The Big Chill

We heard the place before found it…so much so that it should be re-named The Big Bloody Noise, rather than The Big Chill. But not to be defeated and start showing our age, we headed in, ordered a bottle of prosesco and food whilst we sat in silence practically the entire time as it was too noisy to hear each other speak. Oh dear. I’ve made my first real I’m getting old comment. It’s all down hill from now on. Still, the food was delish, which kind of made up for the ringing in our ears as we set off to find the old Shoreditch underground station where this seasons Hot Tub Cinema events were being held. 

The whole hot tub cinema experience must have been fun enough the first time around to get me in a bikini so willingly again, especially in winter…there’s no sun tan to mask the cellulite now. Luckily it being a Halloween theme, everywhere was pretty dark…see what us girlies notice when it means having to get our kit off in public. 

The whole event was brilliant. It wasn’t as hectic or as lively as it was back in the summer- we actually got to watch the entire film pretty much uninterrupted in a hot tub all to ourselves- unlike last time, which was good. Although I did miss the atmosphere and the banter that came with the roof top summer vibe that we’d experienced previously. Thankfully the scare-factor was kept to a minimum. In the tubs were bobbing body parts and floating spiders (eek!) and the staff were dressed as school girls from the movie The Craft, which was hilarious. It was another awesome cinema experience, one that I highly recommend. Everyone should try it at least once. This was one Halloween experience that I can definitely handle. 
To see more of our Hot Tub Halloween experience, then check out my latest vlog…!

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Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets to attend the screen of The Craft with Hot Tub Cinema in exchange for this review……Hot Tub Cinema is amazeballs and everyone should do it at least once… all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way- I come up with this stuff all by myself. 

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