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Not every book we read at Book Club is a success. We once attempted The Crimson Petal & The White, which aside from taking up a huge chunk of my hand luggage allowance on our Honeymoon to Mexico and almost giving me a black eye on the sun bed, it pretty much went down like a lead balloon with everyone. Having said that, the televised adaptation of the book staring Romola Garai and Chris O’ Dowd was brilliant (his dinkle not so much, sorry Dawn O’Porter) which managed to save that particular book club meeting.  It started with sensible discussions about prostitution and women’s rights in Victorian England and swiftly ended in the group watching those infamous and saucy scenes in Magic Mike. Don’t ask…but it was a fun night.
Sadly our latest book, The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt) had a similar reception. Regardless of it’s great reviews, (clearly from peeps not on my wave length) it gave War & Peace a run for it’s money, sending me into a coma every time I picked it up. Even the basic plot low-down from those (few) who had managed to read it, didn’t leave me intrigued or keen to delve further into this mammoth brick. But that’s just my opinion. As great as book club is for broadening your reading horizons, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re not up to reading certain levels of material. It can leave you disheartened when you so much enjoy the little moments of distraction and pleasure you gain from delving into a book and another world altogether.
Which is why I’ve decided to put together a selection of books that I plan on reading in between our book club picks this year, that are guaranteed to remind me why I love reading. As important as it is to challenge our mind’s and our abilities, we should still ensure that we enjoy what we are reading. After all it’s better to be reading something than not reading anything at all.

Non Book Club Reading Wish List 2015

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy

I’m slightly dubious about the third in Helen Fielding’s hugely popular Bridget franchise. For starters Mr Darcy has been killed off (apologies if you lived under a cave when this mahoosive spoiler alert was leaked to the public before it’s release in 2013!) On first glance I’m already annoyed that they’ve missed out on a huge chunk of what could have been a brilliant insight to dear old Bridget’s life from marriage to babies, but I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and hope that Fielding hasn’t lost dear Jones’ endearing wit and charming clumsiness.
Beautiful- Katie Piper

Katie Piper’s story has been on my reading wish list for sometime. This is the first in her series of biographies, where she shares with the world how she survived the horrific rape and attack by her ex-boyfriend which left her severely disfigured. Her harrowing and honest tale has received nothing but praise and admiration, leaving readers inspired by her sheer determination to rebuild her life. 
Shopaholic to the Stars- Sophie Kinsella

The Shopaholic series is probably one of the easiest, funniest and loveable collection of books for the girly girl. We get to live out our shopping fantasies through Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) without spending a penny as she hilariously tries to wiggle her way out of tricky situations that usually involve a designer handbag or several. So as she embarks on her latest adventure in Hollywood I’m excited to immerse myself in all things glitzy and girly as she decides to become a stylist to the stars.
The Year I Met You- Cecilia Ahern

Ahern’s books never fail to leave me moved, reflecting on life and the questions raised in her heart-warming and thought provoking stories. Her latest offering explores the relationship between two neighbours, both lost and at a crossroad in their lives, but soon their unlikely friendship starts to blossom. 
Pretty Honest- Sali Hughes

Loved by beauty bloggers all over and gifted to me by my Book Club Secret Santa, (she knows me well) Pretty Honest is said to be the beauty bible of the century. Hughes has combined twenty years of her beauty wisdom, tricks and expertise into this very gorgeous book as a guidebook for us normal ladies. From skincare to make up, I’m excited to learn some new tips that might just make my mug a little more presentable this winter. 

What books are you hoping to delve into this year…? Let me know in the comments below! 
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