Last Minute Mother’s Day Treat Ideas…

Yes it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. I know, it kind of sprung up on me too. But fear not. Whilst you might have left it a little late to order those personalised gifts and cards, (unless you’re loaded and can afford a super speedy delivery) I’ve put together a few ideas that you can arrange before Sunday to show your dear old mums just how much they mean to you this Mother’s Day. 

Photo Memories  
Everyone loves a good photograph (and if they really don’t, then move on to the next idea) and we seem to have them stored in abundance on our mobile devices, but rarely do we take the time to print off those extra special moments let alone frame them. So why not choose your favourites, head on down to your local printing shop and pick up a pretty frame why you’re there. Large Tesco superstores are amazeballs for speedy photo printing and if you smile and play dense the guys behind the counter usually help you print off what you need a lot quicker! Hey I’m all for feminism, but this girl is always super busy and can do with all the help she can get, particularly where technical equipment is concerned. Don’t judge me. 
A Little Pampering
If there’s one thing most ladies are guilty of during the winter months, it’s letting ourselves go a little. By this time of year, most of us could do with a once over, usually starting with a razor as our legs haven’t seen a blade for months, (extra warmth and all that) but I’m not suggesting that you offer to shave your mums legs for Mothers Day. Now that would be weird. But with the sunshine finally creeping out and the early signs of spring on the horizon, it’s time to dust off those cobwebs and the perfect way to start is with a little pampering. From manicures to massages, sort your mum out with a spa voucher to treat herself to some ‘me’ time to ease away those winter blues. 
You can’t go wrong with a lovely bunch of flowers…unless your mum’s allergic or she works as a florist. Try and steer clear of those over priced and (usually) ugly bunches from the petrol garage though. You don’t want your gesture looking like an obvious afterthought that made you screech to a halt at the nearest station en route.
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?
If like my mum, she spends most of her time planning everyones meals, always ensuring there is food in the fridge and a hot meal on the table in the evening, then Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat her to your culinary skills. It doesn’t take a Delia to whip up some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toast for breakfast. Or if you are a dab hand in the kitchen then I’m pretty sure a good old homemade Sunday roast will go down a real treat. As long as Marge gets a day off from cooking, she’s one happy mummy.  
Afternoon Tea
You don’t have to be a member of the Downton Abbey cast these days to enjoy the delights of afternoon tea. It’s all the rage and we can’t get enough of those piddly little finger sandwiches, homemade scones, teeny tiny cakes that we can scoff in one go, whilst downing several cups of tea in fancy china tea cups. It doesn’t have to be tea at The Ritz either. Most pubs and hotels now offer afternoon tea packages at affordable prices, so all you have to do is book a table, keep your elbows off the table and clear your plates as ladylike as possible. 
Theatre Tickets
A little more on the pricey side, but it’s a treat that will make anyone’s day. Plus you usually have to book tickets in advance so it means another Mother/Offspring date to look forward to! You can get some great deals online for shows such as Made In Dagenham, The Commitments and Jersey Boys, but we recently saw Once The Musical, starring Ronan Keating. It was absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend it. The show is bursting with comedy, love and fantastic music. The show only has two more weeks of it’s run in London, so bag yourself some tickets sharpish. This is one musical not to miss and one I guarantee your mum will love it. 
Quality Time
Spend a little time together this weekend. Help her mow the grass or tidy up the garden, sorry Marge, I won’t be doing this…you know I don’t like to get my hands dirty in the garden near all those bugs! Take  a long walk together, visit a nearby town for a mooch and a cup of tea or go to the cinema. Spending time together is a priceless gift and one I know that my Mum values and appreciates more than any gift and it doesn’t have to cost a penny. 
What have you planned this weekend for Mother’s Day…? Or how would you like to be spoilt by your offsprings? Let me know in the comments below…! 
Until next time, 
With Love & Mother’s Day Ideas, 
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