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I could write a book about the things my mum has taught me and with the countdown now on to becoming a mum, one starts to think a lot about the sort of parent you’d like to become when that day finally comes around. You can’t help but reflect on how you were brought up, thinking of all the things you want to do the same, or differently, but all with the same goal of becoming a good parent. But there is one aspect of parenthood that I really hope to achieve one day and that’s the friendship part of parenthood. It’s something a lot of parents never quite muster, but for others, like my mum, becoming a friend to your children can seem so effortless.

I honestly don’t know how she did it, but she’s always managed to get that balance just right. She has long been a trusted confidant, the most loyal and honest of friends. I’m reminded of how lucky we are to have this relationship on a regular basis, but more often than not it’s on those girly days out with her and my sister, when we spend hours mooching around the shops, followed by long lunches catching up over a bottle of sparkly. Our shopping trips started at an early age and we seem to have developed this kind of secret language when it comes to scouring the clothes rails.

Mum has taught me more about my fashion style than I give her credit for. Thanks to her I’ve learnt how to dress for my body shape as it’s changed over the years. Of course there have still been some horrendous fashion disasters, like the summer I dressed like a boy (oh dear…) and don’t even get me started on my dungaree obsession (although a few friends would be more than happy to elaborate on this one!) But I’d like to think that I finally have some sort of understanding as to what styles suit, that make me feel comfortable and confident thanks to my ol’ ma.

Looking back at old photos, crazy perms, bell bottoms and platforms aside, my fashion style isn’t too dissimilar today from my mums back in the day, particularly looking down at my everyday checked shirts, jeans and pumps. I’ve noticed over the years how our tastes in fashion have merged and on occasion we’ve been known to borrow each other’s clothes, which is inevitable when you both love the same brands and stores.

One of our shared faves is New Look. A brand that never fails to cater for a wide range of sizes, styles and ages. Even perusing their new spring/summer collection I could pick out items we would both love. Like these comfy black floral print joggers which we would both nab and jazz up with a floaty black top and waterfall blazer. It’s just a case of who grabs them first!
I’m excited to see our relationship grow as mummy and grandparent over the next few months and I’m pretty sure that mum will continue to teach me in so many ways as we embark on this new adventure. I see many a shopping trip on the horizon as she tries to hoist me and bump into various ensembles…eek!
Who in your life has inspired your style? Let me know in the comments below…? 
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