Our Little Secret…

So you may have noticed that life has been a little quiet on the blog. At first I blamed my poorly computer, which coincided with a super busy festive period, followed by our trip to the forest with zero wifi. But I soon ran out of excuses as to why my poor blog has been so neglected over the last few months and had no choice but to abandon it, leaving it to get dusty somewhere in cyber space. But I’m finally ready to share some very exciting news and tell you why I’ve been AWOL…
I have in fact been hiding- down the toilet, in bushes, in alleyways, dark corners and any sink I walked passed. And when I wasn’t hiding, I’d be in a placenta making induced coma, sleeping literally anywhere I could- from in my car (stationary of course) on benches, even standing whilst washing up or ironing. But mostly, I’ve been hiding down a toilet. Now don’t worry I know that sounds like I’ve been up to something dodgy, but I can assure you my actions have been all above board and with good reason because…we’re having a baby!

The first trimester was tough to say the least and today is the first day that I’ve been able to sit at my blogging desk since before Christmas. Everyday was a real challenge, not only due to my sickness wrecked state, but also because we decided to keep our little secret to ourselves until our first scan. Which turned out to be the best decision, as soon to be parents, we could have made. We told our families together and seeing their reactions to the news is up there on the list of one of the most wonderful, priceless moments I’ve ever seen. A reminder that it wasn’t only us two who were waiting so patiently for our little bean.

But as most of you know, this has been no easy ride. When we decided to share fertility experience, I’d always imagined that day when I’d finally be able to write those precious words, ‘we’re having a baby‘ and to be honest I still find it very surreal. As if I might have it wrong and that the last four months have all been a lovely (aside from the sickness and exhaustion) but very cruel dream. I have to check at our scan photographs every morning to remind myself that this is real life and yes, we finally did get our wish and we couldn’t be happier.
Whilst I might have been absent from the blogging world, I have been giving the future of my blog a lot of consideration. I’m extremely conscious that I want to avoid the blog turning into some sort of baby boasting platform. But on the other hand this new arrival has already had a huge impact on our lives and shielding it away from the blog would leave a huge gaping hole, one that I know I won’t be able to ignore. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a brand new blog with a sole focus on babies and parenting, but the reality of that would mean double the work load, expense and inevitably one blog will end up being neglected once the little bean arrives and life takes on a whole new set of demands and routines. I started this blog with the intention of it being a lifestyle blog, a place that encompasses all my interests, my loves and my experiences and there is no denying that our baby journey will be one of our greatest experiences to date. One that I want to share on my blog, my thoughts, treasures, the downsides and of course the highlights, bringing my readers along for the journey.

It feels so good to be back in my seat, finally writing this long awaited post and I’m so excited to take the blog along for a new adventure. I want to thank you all for your support and kind words that I’ve received by opening up this aspect of my life. This is just the start of the journey and I can only hope that everything goes to plan, but I know that hope only gets you so far and that life tends to have its own plan. So for those of you still on that baby making journey, everyone’s struggle is different, but the dream is always the same and I honestly believe that by staying positive and enjoying the good things in your life, that struggle can become a little easier.
Until next time,
With Love & Patience,
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