Spring Cleaning with Ecover…

Ugh! As much as I’ve been enjoying lazy weekends and taking it easy, there was no avoiding it any longer…mission ‘get our home ready for Baby Bean‘ had to begin at some point. So here I am barricaded in my bedroom by boxes, memories, bags of clothes and unwanted things- blogging, instead of sorting. It doesn’t help that I’m not my usual Sergeant Organised Pants, as I was before I was impregnated. My old self would have had this place re-vamped and sorted in no time, but with an annoying bad back and the need to take more pee breaks and pit stops than the average Sloth, things are taking longer than anticipated.
I think the enormity of the project is a little overwhelming too. It’s not just the re-organising of everything we own that I need to tackle, but the Mother Hen in me wants every square inch of our home spotlessly clean in time for our new arrival, without infesting our home with harsh smelling chemicals that harmful to us and the planet. 
So it was perfect timing when Ecover got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out a selection of their nature friendly cleaning agents to kick start our spring-get-ready-for-baby-clean. Yes please…! Thankfully there are a few areas of our home that haven’t been turned upside-down in all the chaos, like the kitchen and bathroom, (of course Mumma-to-be must have access to these areas at all times) so I’ve been enjoying giving these spritely looking products a whirl. 

One can be quite reluctant to try out new household brands, abandoning your faithful products that you know work for you and your home, but with Ecover’s super bright and simple packaging, it’s clear to see that you’re switching to a brand that is passionate about doing the right job, both in our homes and for the planet. 
If there’s one thing the products have in common, it’s that they don’t leave behind that heavy stench of chemicals on your hands after use, so I was immediately reassured that they are indeed, kind to the skin and therefore safer to use around the home and little people. 
I’m a bit slack when it comes to washing up and have a bad habit of filling the dishwasher to save time. I was pleasantly surprised when using the Washing-Up Liquid that it left my hands feeling soft and our dishes spick-and-span. Bang goes another excuse as to why I don’t want to wash up now…! 
My particular faves are the Multi-Action Surface Spray and the Multi-Action Wipes, as both clean our surfaces just as well as our usual brands, but with the bonus of not leaving behind surface streaks which take a while to dry out. Bonus. I also really liked the All Purpose Cleaner, which we used to clean our floors, and again found it dried so much quicker without leaving behind those annoying smears (perfect as I’m not a nimble as I was to get down and polish the floors these days anyway!) I’m also looking forward to using this when it comes to cleaning down all the furniture in the baby’s new room too. 
Overall I would consider using these planet-friendly products again, particularly now that I feel more conscious about the chemicals we are bringing into our home as well as wanting to make another small change and contribution to the future of our environment. 
Have you used Ecover products before? What are you thoughts on planet friendly household products…? Let me know in the comments below! 
Until next time,
With Love & Spring Cleans,
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Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a selection of Ecover products to review for the purpose of this feature. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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