A Little Bump-date…25 Weeks Pregnant

Every Saturday morning I look forward to three things; my one and only cup of caffeine tea for the day and a bowl gluten free muesli in bed whilst I sit and wait for my weekly pregnancy updates to bleep through on my phone. Having signed up to several different pregnancy apps, my favourite has to the What To Expect App, giving me the low down on how baby is developing and in what ways it is swiftly taking over mummy’s body too. “You are 25 weeks pregnant” it told me this week. Blimey. Part of me can’t believe how quickly these weeks are flying by, whilst the other part of me is still taking each day as it comes.
I am genuinely relieved when each new week comes to a close, knowing that we’ve made it safely to the next milestone. I don’t take this experience for granted…not one little bit. Even when I was covered in my own sick, having peed a little (yes that happens and I’m told it’s more common than most like to admit, but I have no shame as we all know by now) or even when I’m in tears because my back is hurting so much. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Apart from the weird dreams. I’d quite like to ditch those.
I have these recurring, but varying dreams (or nightmares I suppose,) where for one reason or another, I’m not pregnant anymore. They are cruel and fuzzy moments where I struggle to breathe as my worst fears taunt me in my sleep. I wake up searching for evidence that everything is fine. A quick glance at Baby Bean’s photo by my bed, a touch of my tummy and a reassuring squeeze of Widgey (that’s my maternity pillow for any of those with filthy minds were wondering…) to put my mind at ease before trotting (not waddling- yet) off to the loo to pee for the zillionth time that night.

But that’s enough gloom. Time to focus on the lovely parts of being 25 weeks pregnant. The time that people call ‘the glow‘. When what they really mean is the time before all those lovely side effects like bloating, heart burn, waddling, swelling and sweating start to kick in. Oh August is going to be so much fun. So before they start weighing me (ugh), discussing birth plans (eek!) and what I’d like to do with my placenta (steak anyone?),  I’m embracing and loving all the breezy aspects of this stage of pregnancy.
Baby Bean is wriggling lots, which is so far up there on the lovely list that I want to bottle this feeling. OK so I’m quite aware that I’ll perhaps change my tune when it starts doing upper cuts between my rib cage or the ‘quick step’ on my bladder. But for now each wriggle and jab makes me very happy, knowing that it’s doing alright in there whilst mummy kicks back and enjoys every little wriggle whilst they are just that, little.
For the first time since EVER, my skin has miraculously cleared up. It’s probably largely down to the fact that one isn’t drinking alcohol anymore and is actually eating more healthily than when I was torturing myself on all those diets. I have noticed that my skin is a lot more sensitive in the sun (when it decides to show its face that is) so I’ll probably need to give it a lot more TLC this summer with the help of my ever faithful Liz Earle products and more recently, Forever Living’s Propolis Cream which is definitely helping my skin’s texture.
I’m absolutely loving my guilt free breaks. Never before have I enjoyed putting off the housework in exchange for putting my feet up and actually resting. Something that I should make the most of now before I’m in demand 24-7 and housework will be the last thing getting a look in, let alone a Saturday afternoon curled up enjoying a Pretty Little Liars marathon. Whoopie.

I know there is going to come a time when even showering will become a huge effort, but I’ve been keeping active as much as possible (when I’m not indulging in cheeky naps that is) walking lots and swimming twice a week. I even had to invest in a proper maternity swimming costume, more for my fellow swimmer’s benefit if I’m honest. I was beginning to resemble the hulk bursting from my normal costume and it wasn’t a pretty sight. So bump and I are loving the extra freedom we have now in this Jo Jo Maman Bebe number.
We’ve finally finished clearing out Baby Bean’s bedroom so I’ve been scouring the internet, InstagramPinterest and whatnot in search of adorable nursery decor ideas. Needless to say, I can see how easy it is to go a bit crazy on the credit card, kitting out a room for a tiny human who will be completely oblivious to it’s bedroom interior. Surely our little Bean will appreciate that everything is colour co-ordinated and that mummy searched high and low for cushions and storage boxes that match it’s changing mat perfectly…right?
What have you been up to lately…? Let me know in the comments below! 
Until next time,
With Love & Bump-dates,
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