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There’s nothing more real about pregnancy than when you start thinking about your birth plan. The actual birth. The real, physical part where this new little life is actually brought into the world. The  bit when you basically have to pass a watermelon through your vagina. Eek doesn’t quite cover it. But there’s no escaping that one way or another this tiny human is coming out, and even if I refuse to acknowledge the actual pain side of giving birth, I need to have some sort of plan or idea in mind as to how I’d like to initially bring this life into the world. Apparently sneezing and it just pops out isn’t a realistic option…as much as I wish it was!  
So when Which? got in touch and asked if I’d like to explore my birth choices a little further, with the help of three beautiful tailored gift boxes and a quick online tool to help guide my decision, it was the perfect time to start looking into my options with a sensible and open mind. Oh poop. 

When I think about labour, if Disney were to sketch their princesses giving birth, then I’m currently deluding myself with their version. Everything would be just lovely. So calm and serene, whilst birds and rabbits whistled their encouragements from the window sill and after the briefest of pushes and ever so slight pain, I’m at last presented with a perfect (and clean) little bundle of beauty. Don’t worry I’m laughing at myself too. I am of course fully aware that this is beyond delusional. But for someone who stubs their toe and thinks they’re dying, and who has always looked away during a simple blood test, you can see why I’m using Disney to shield myself from the reality of childbirth. 
But the time has come to start putting a more realistic plan into place. Similarly with pregnancy, everyone’s labour experiences are completely different and more importantly unpredictable. Even the most well thought out plan, colour coded and laminated, can be thrown out the window in an instant as soon as mother nature takes the reigns. As much as we all dream of a breezy birth, the end result is the most important part…bringing a healthy baby safely into the world. I now have a clearer understanding of how I’d initially like my birth plan to begin, but of course I’ll be open to pretty much anything and everything that ensures Baby Bean arrives as quickly and as safely as possible. With or without the birds and the rabbits at the window. 
Home Birth 

This is one option that appeals to me the least for numerous reasons. Firstly if there were any complications during child birth I wouldn’t want the additional stress of having to be transferred to hospital in a panic. Aside from the mess aspects of having a baby at home, (even though the midwives assure you that this is minimal, which I find hard to believe) our home is our happy place and personally I’d prefer to keep the pain and memories of childbirth in a separate location. 
Hospital Birth 

This is something that I of course wouldn’t rule out if there were any complications during my labour, but it’s not an option I wish to pursue initially as my birth choice. I’ve never been admitted to hospital and the thought of being hooked up to monitors and restricted to a hospital bed whilst giving birth terrifies me ever so slightly. Unless there were any need for a consultant-led birth, which I hope there won’t be, I’d like to opt for a less clinical, more relaxed environment, such as a midwife-led birthing centre. 
Birth Centre Birth 

I’ve always visioned having a water-birth and so this is the ideal scenario for my birth plan. Just the thought of being in water during labour already calms my fears and I’m hoping that it will play a key part in relaxing me throughout my first birth experience. I’ve suffered quite a lot with back pain during my pregnancy and being in water helps to soothe the strain on my lower back too, so I hope it will also play a big part in easing some of the pain during labour. She hopes. Using a birth centre just seems like a good compromise when it comes to giving birth, where the environment is more relaxed, but medical support isn’t too far away if there was a need for it.

What was your birth choice preference? Did it go to plan? Let me know in the comments below…! 
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With Love & Which? Birth Choice, 
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Disclosure: I was kindly gifted three birth choice gift boxes in exchange for this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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