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The Hubster and I had a mad half hour the other day, (nothing saucy…I know what you were thinking!) After parking outside a really pretty semi-detached house that was currently for sale, we later looked it up online and sat there mooching around it’s virtual rooms, discussing in detail what we liked about it and what we’d change, before we were brought back down to earth with a bump. Sadly, with Baby Bean on the way, we aren’t exactly in a position to move, nor are we seriously considering for a few years. But it’s always fun to dream and make plans. 
The house pretty much had everything we’d like in our next home. A family sized kitchen, a driveway, a garden and even a utility room- you know I’m a little laundry obsessed. But there was another aspect to this dream house that was a real bonus and that was a guest bedroom. To have a beautiful guest room that was always ready for visiting family and friends. I’d even have their towels perfectly placed at the end of the bed complimented with little baskets of miniature toiletries for them to use during their stay, fresh flowers and water bottles on the bedside table. I’ve given this a lot a thought can you tell? Little things, little minds and all that, I know.
So today I’m teaming up with Furniture Village to put together a few touches for our perfect guest bedroom, because you never know…one day we might just be lucky enough to move into our dream home. If we win the lottery that is…! 
Guest Bedroom
The perfect guest bedroom needs to be comfortable, inviting and practical. As a guest you want to be made to feel welcomed and I know from my own experiences that there are a few simple items that always give off that home-from-home feel, making your stay all the more special.  
1. I’ve chosen a simplistic colour scheme and subtle yet stylish decor, all based around the Emily Wooden Bed Frame which can be found over in Furniture Village’s extensive range of beds. They do so much more than just the furniture, so you’re able to pick up the foundations of your room as well as all the other decor items to finish your renovation. 
2. If there’s one thing that is always appreciated when you stay away from home and that’s a mirror, so I’ve chosen the Luna Cheval floor length mirror
3. No room would be complete without a few accessories and I love these Ombre Bottle Green Vases that would look lovely with a few sprigs of flowers in. 
4. To compliment the walls I’ve chosen the Souk Silver Wall Piece which I thought was really beautiful…and something I could blag that I picked up on my travels! Which of course no one would believe…
5. To give the room a cosy home-from-home feel I’d throw in a rug, like the Nature Natural Rug
6. Cushions not only work as a bed arrangement, but also to provide that extra comfort when reading or chilling out so I’d definitely include a soft selection like the Gotland Sand and Lovisa Forest cushions. 
7. Perfect for late night reading and making a bedroom feel super inviting is a cosy bedside table lamp and I absolutely love the Silver Twisted Ribbon Lamps
8. Not a necessity, but a floor lamp always contributes to making a room feel really warm, so of course I’ve included the Silver Twisted Ribbon Floor Lamp to compliment the bedside table lights. 
9. I’m a huge fan of bedside tables. Mostly because I’m as blind as bat, so I like to have my glasses close by to put on first thing or in case of an emergency. There’s nothing worse than being woken in the night and all you can see is fuzzy darkness all in a tizz. So the Emily Chest of Drawers, which compliment the bed frame would do perfectly. 
You can find all the products featured and much more over on the Furniture Village website. 
Do you have a ‘dream’ room or space that you would love to have in your home one day? Let me know in the comments below…! 

Until next time…
With Love & Be Our Guest, 
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Disclosure: As always all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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