The Pressure for Everything to Be Perfect

I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself to get everything just right. Not in a show off way- but in my own OCD way where I like things done in a certain way with the main aim of making everything just perfect. Over the years I’ve refined my organisation skills and the ability to multi-task like a pro, always surrounded by my diary and to-do lists. But ever since our little bean finally decided to magically appear, I’ve turned into Super Sloth. It’s like I’m in a time warp bubble where the weeks are flying past and yet I seem to be walking backwards, getting slower and less productive by the day.
Unaware that we were pregnant for the first few weeks, I look back now and I remember starting to feel different. Something wasn’t quite right with myself. I was changing, slowing down without realising it. My body was easing the breaks ever so gently whilst our little bean waited to be discovered. You can read here all about what I did when we found out we were expecting! The new baby-cooking-machine-me was all of a sudden forced to take more rests and pit stops than ever. Gone were the late nights blogging until 1am and away went my oodles of energy and enthusiasm during the day.
As much as I have kept calm and embraced this new relaxed version of me, there’s still a part of the old me who has been going crazy, panicking that we won’t be ready for baby’s arrival. I don’t help myself by spending hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest admiring hundreds of beautiful nurseries and children’s bedrooms and comparing myself with others on Instagram who are at a similar stage in pregnancy but are weeks ahead in the ‘tadaa…look how organised and prepared we are’ department.
All the while I’m sat on my bed, watching Pretty Little Liars whilst mentally making to-do lists, (even writing a list is too much effort on those super cream crackered days) wondering if and when my next surge of energy will kick in to actually get anything, even one thing, done from my never ending mental to-do list. To say I’ve been on a go-slow is an understatement.

But there is the other side to me who is actually loving the new uber chilled me. For the first time ever I’m not stressing and pushing myself too much. I’m enjoying those lazy weekends, doing a little planning and a lot of relaxing. If this pregnancy is anything to go by, before I know it baby will be here and the months will be flying past even quicker. All those precious little milestones and moments will be upon us. The first smiles, the first tooth, the first steps, the first words. It won’t be too long before we’re thinking about transforming the nursery into a child’s bedroom. Man I hope I’ve got my oomph and organising mojo back by then.
At least by then we’ll know what our baby is, a boy or a girl. It’s personality, it’s likes and dislikes so kitting out it’s bedroom should be a lot easier. Particularly if we were to head over to somewhere like Room to Grow for inspiration. They have a brilliant range of unique children’s furniture and decor items that will give any little one’s bedrooms an extra special touch. Crikey…I just know I’ll be mooching the children’s beds from Room To Grow before long, so for now I need to make the most of this precious time and enjoy the final few weeks of freedom and calmness, before we embark on a new adventure as a family of three.
It’s finally dawning on me that it’s OK for everything to not be so perfect all the time. There really isn’t a rush to get everything in place. It will all work out OK whether it’s done today, tomorrow or after baby arrives. All baby needs is a few clothes, nappies and whole lot of love and it’s already got all that in abundance. So I think we’ll be just fine…in that case I’ll just head off for nap and rest my cankles then.
Did you feel the pressure to have everything perfectly ready before your first baby arrived? Let me know in the comments below…! 
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With Love & Perfect Pressures,
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