When Two Become Three…

Ugh…Maternity leave cannot come around soon enough.
I seem to have hit that peak in pregnancy where all of a sudden the simplest of days are becoming really tough. My ankles have disappeared. I can’t walk or even move at my usual pace. The nights are too short and so restless. The days are way too long and I’m just so ready to be at home focusing on baby and enjoying my last few days of freedom. But there is another side to me that doesn’t want to wish away these last few precious weeks too soon, and not solely because of the impending pain that my poor foof is soon to experience. Although I can’t say that prospect fills me with glee either, particularly after shopping for maternity pads and disposable knickers…lovely.Pregnancy has been really good to me and I’m going to miss my bump more than anything, but I’m starting to really think (and worry) about how much life is going to change once a third person enters our life. What will happen when two become three…? 
From day one I quickly learned that pregnancy is an emotional and unpredictable journey. I’ve relied on the Hubster more than ever for constant love and reassurance. I honestly think I would have gone bonkers by now if it wasn’t for his zen-like approach to having this baby. I take my hat off to anyone who has ever had to go through this alone, pregnancy is one heck of an emotional roller coaster and one that I don’t think I’d be brave enough to face by myself. Fortunately for me, pregnancy has already brought us closer together, but I’m conscious that once our baby does arrive, that calm balance is sure to be tested. 
Over the last ten years together, the Hubster and I have formed a comfortable and safe bond. Like everyone else we’ve had our ups, downs, tests and trials but that’s what love and relationships are all about. From day one of living together we just clicked and quickly settled in to a familiar and rhythmic pattern that works for us. Our home is our sanctuary, our haven. We’ve gotten so used to freedom and our roles within our home. We love our chilled evenings and our lazy weekend mornings and we’ve become so accustomed to only having each other to think about and focus on. Life is just breezy and all that is about to change- big time- and it scares the flying pants off me. Even more so than squeezing that watermelon out…

I suppose it’s easier to imagine the harder aspects of having a baby. Everyone is so quick to inform you of the tough parts- the sleepless nights, the expense, the worries, the sick, the poo, the pee…you name it. So it’s easy to see why we’re secretly (or not so secretly anymore) anxious about the ways in which our current lovely life will soon be turned upside down.
However much we wanted this, I don’t think there is any way to really prepare any couple for the changes a baby will make to your life. You just have to adapt and hope that you are strong are strong enough to stick together, through all those wonderful moments as well as the sleepless nights.
How did you deal with the transition of a new baby? How did it change your relationship? Let me know in the comments below!
Until next time…
With Love & Changes,
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