A Little Bump-date…36 Weeks Pregnant

Not a lot has changed since my 30 Week Bump-Date, other than the fact that I’ve finally started to hit that “done” stage of pregnancy. Which has been a bit of a shock to the spirit if I’m honest because throughout the second trimester, and up until now, I’ve been breezing through bump life. I feel unbelievably guilty for even mentioning any kind of negativity towards this experience, but there’s only so much front a girl can put on when your body is put through the mill in ways you simply can’t control. And with just under a week to go until my maternity leave starts I’m beyond ready for a break before this little one arrives. Bring on the trashy day-time television and a few glorious afternoon naps…this Mumma-to-be is capished! 
As well as I’ve been doing at managing my gestational diabetes, it looks like baby will be coming a week before it’s due date to avoid any unnecessary growth spurts in the final few weeks of pregnancy. Bang goes the fancy water birth plan (everyone said not to get too attached to the idea of a perfect birth plan…) as now I’ll be induced and have to suck up a new hospital slash consultant lead birth plan instead. Triffic. But as long as Baby Bean is OK I don’t mind what the plan is anymore. Although I still can’t decide what’s more daunting- the idea not knowing when you might give birth, or knowing. Being such a planner you’d think I’d be happier now that we can plan a ‘night before induction’ date evening (which will no doubt involve me crying throughout most of the evening) and wash my barnett (because this really matters- not). But no one likes pain (unless you’re odd…)

Baby’s movements are much stronger, more regular and it feels like baby likes to sleep all night and play all day- here’s to hoping the little blighter keeps that up when its unleashed into the real world…I’m deluded, I know. 
I’d love to have some sort of super power that gave me x-ray vision into the goings on inside my tummy. I’m always curious to know which way round it’s sitting and if that’s a hand it’s poking into mummy’s hip, or it’s butt snuggling into my vital organs. I had my first kick in the ribs today which was pleasant. I’ve also worked out that tomatoes give baby the hiccups, but I’m sorry little one, what with mummy being gluten and sugar free, there’s not a whole heap of choice left so you’ll have to hiccup away for the time being. 
Sleeping for eight solid hours is now definitely a thing of my past. This past week I’ve not only been woken by the the constant need to pee, but chuck in some restless legs too- seriously it’s like they’ve got Tourettes the way they randomly spurt out in spasm these days! Oh and then there’s the aching spine which has had me up at stupid o’ clock where the only solace can be found sitting on my pregnancy ball wrapped in a blanket to ease the aches. I’ve seriously contemplated ways in which I can sit on my ball and lay in bed at the same time…for anyone wondering it really isn’t possible unless you fancy a midnight trip to A&E.

Goodbye ankles. Hello tree trunks. It was only a matter of time before the dreaded swelling kicked in. There were only two parts of my body where I didn’t need to lose weight, my wrists and my ankles. The latter has of late (not helped by this moronic heatwave we’re experiencing) decided to merge entirely with my feet, toes and legs that its hard to make out where one body part starts and the other finishes. Brilliant.
We’re almost getting there with the Baby’s nursery. There are just a few last minute details to add and sort out, which when I get my next boost of energy I’ll get around to doing, hopefully before it arrives! We were pretty much sorted already in terms of furniture, but I was on the hunt for a ladder-style shelving unit and was excited to stumble across this Ladder Storage Unit from Homebase

The walls in our home are paper thin, so fixing anything to them is a DIY joy. So I wanted to find something that was free standing and stable enough to be in a baby’s bedroom. This unit it absolutely perfect as it’s a lot smaller than the taller ladder units I was looking at, so much more sturdier and therefore safer, particularly when the little sprog starts causing crawling chaos. Whoopie. The clean, bright finish of the unit compliments the compact bedroom nicely and I really can’t wait to add some bedtime books and a nightlight to give the room a more cosy feel to it.  
Until next time…
With Love & Bump-Dates, 
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Disclosure: I was kindly sent the White Ladder Shelving Unit from Homebase to review. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. As always, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. 

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