From Bump to Baby…

After fifteen hours of labour, (without any pain relief- not by choice I’d like to point out- but I’ll save those gory details for another time) on Wednesday 26th August at 2.11am, the Hubster and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Elsie Belle Albury into the world weighing a dinky 6 lbs 8 oz and we couldn’t be more in love. 
We’ve spent the last five weeks in a whirlwind trying to adjust to our new life. They aren’t kidding when they say that a baby turns your world upside down. Our once super organised and clean home now reflects a uni slum combined with a burglary in a Mothercare store. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to leave the house, this little bundle throws a curveball and everything else has to wait. I’ve gone for days without knowing when I last brushed my hair and last night was the first night we’ve actually cooked dinner ourselves- and get this- ate it before it got cold. Go us.

Oh and of course there are the sleepless nights. Part of me thought that this was something that parents milked just to make us child-free-folk feel guilty about enjoying our weekend lie ins. Ha. Sadly the infamous sleepless nights are painfully real. Whilst the other babies on our ward screamed in carousel all throughout the night, our little one slept soundly in my arms. So we came home from hospital feeling super smug that we had such a content little bundle, but she quickly burst that bubble by giving her vocal cords a good airing from the moment we closed the front door until the following morning. And so it began…goodbye sleep, hello sober all nighters. 
But it’s not often something so tiny (and so loud) comes into your life that makes you realise how lucky you really are. We’ve been given something so precious and she’s ours to keep and cherish forever. Her vulnerability and trust in us overwhelms me and I’ve never felt more responsible and more needed in my life. Just knowing that it’s our job to take care of her makes me one happy girl indeed…even in my sleep deprived, exhausted state. 

It’s crazy because even when she’s been awake for hours, my arms aching, sore boobs, having exhausted all my baby soothing resources, the moment she falls asleep I find myself pacing the floor or obsessively peering into her crib wanting her to wake up again. I miss her when she’s sleeping.
Every day she is changing and every day we’re learning a little more about each other. She has the longest legs and the biggest blue eyes that melt our hearts with every flutter. She has the softest hair and the cutest DA (Duck’s Arse…so I’ve been advised) and in the last week she’s started to lose the front part of her barnet and is currently resembling Karl Pilkington or Benjamin Button in a dress. We’ve figured out that she loves Ed Sheeran, the hoover and being cuddled all the time. We’ve also sussed out that the Hubster can bore her to sleep by reciting his Knowledge runs which is particularly handy seeing as he has to study for hours everyday. 
Even at the most ungodly of hours in the night, when I’ve had zilch hours sleep and she’s giving those tiny lungs of hers a really good testing, I remind myself that life is just crazy wonderful with her in it and we wouldn’t change a thing. Well, a few more hours sleep would be much appreciated, but we can’t have everything. We’re just waiting for those wind-related smiles to become actual smiles that will make all this hard work worth it’s weight in gold. 
I’m not sure when I’ll next have a moment to blog, so bare with me, it’s taken a zillion attempts and a team of family to give me time to finish this post (thank you guys!) I’ve got big plans for this blog and as soon as I figure out how to juggle a baby, a boob and a laptop at the same time, I’ll be back. But in the meantime thank you for your continued patience, support and kind wishes since Elsie’s arrival. She was well worth the wait.
Until next time…
With Love & Introducing Elsie,
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