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If there’s one thing I’ve really struggled with since Elsie’s arrival, which I know I keep harping on about (catch up here and here), it’s my new found inability to keep on top of the housework. It’s simply impossible to get anything done. I’ve tortured myself for hours, sitting on my butt feeding my little buddy, glaring around the room taking in all the mess and dust. By week six of being a new mummy I was starting to well and truly lose my marbles. So when the invite came through to visit the Dyson showroom in London to try out their brand new Dyson V6 Total Clean, I thought, seeing as the fairies weren’t rocking up anytime soon to clean my home, why not go and spend some baby-free time getting my OCD/cleanliness kicks elsewhere? So off I went to ooohh and ahhh at the wonders of Dyson’s brand new magic wand…and magic is certainly is!

The Technology Behind the Magic…
I been a fan of Dyson ever since Mum and Dad first invested in their original upright contraptions some twenty years ago. Oh I’ll never forget that first go around the living room and witnessing the shed load of fluff balls whizzing around the see-through cylinder. Sorry Mum- that’s not to say that our home wasn’t clean- but our Dyson was definitely light-years ahead of our previous vacuum cleaner. There was something so powerful and revolutionary about being able to see exactly what the vacuum had collected around your home and for a clean freak like myself- it was ever so satisfying too. Yes you’ll see I’ve been a clean freak for years. I need help.

Ever wondered what makes Dyson stand out above the rest? Aside from their vibrant colours, unique branding and sleek designs and vibrant colours, their real selling point is their super dooper motors that drive their cleaning engines into the fast lane. Branching out from upright vacuums, Dyson are now pioneering in the cordless department, creating some of the most sought after home cleaning essentials including their latest range of lightweight and powerful V6 cordless machines.

Matt, one of Dyson’s engineers who led the event, explained how Dyson has spent gazillions developing the Dyson Digital Motor V6, which sits at the core of all Dyson’s new digital slim vacuum cleaners and spins at up to 110,000 rpm, making it twice as effective than any other cordless vacuum. With its patented cleaner head technology it can simultaneously pick up big and small debris- from Cheerios to icing sugar- the new V6 is more than capable of tackling a range of household mess in a lightweight, yet robust slimline design.
That all sounds very promising and fancy, but does it really work it’s magic in a chaotic, messy household? It sure as heck does…
Wish Granted…
So the new Dyson V6 might not be able to ‘ping’ the bathroom clean or sterilise the baby’s bottles, but it has revolutionised the way we keep on top of at least one aspect of the housework giving us the flexibility to zapp up just about any mess in an instant. It comes with five adaptors including a soft roller cleaner head (for hard floors), a direct-drive cleaner head (that pushes bristles deeper into the carpet) and a mini motorised tool that removes pet hair and hard to lift dirt. It even converts to handheld for even quicker clean up moments. It has a cool ‘max power’ button for higher suction- which to be honest we haven’t yet needed as it’s standard suction is pretty awesome on it’s own.

To accompany this domestic goddesses dream machine, there is a nifty wall mount for storage and charging, making those ‘oops’ moments a whole lot easier to deal with in an instant. The V6 Total Clean provides 20 minutes of constant suction once charged which is ample time to whizz over our home and when not in use, it fits perfectly, tucked away next to the fridge on the wall in our kitchen, giving us easy access at anytime.

We use it pretty much everywhere in the home. From zapping up all the muck in the car, the sofa, giving Elsie’s car seat and pram a once over (OCD mummy alert) and more recently it’s come in particularly useful for scooping up all those lushious locks I gained during pregnancy which are now falling out in clumps all over the place. Yes it’s pretty sad and gross, but true.

The Dyson V6 may seem a little pricey, (currently retailing exclusively at Curry’s PC World for £429.99) but with all Dysons you know it’s a brand worth investing in. Mum only just upgraded her original Dyson model and that was mainly because the newer versions are lighter, and therefore easier to take up and down the stairs. So I know that as our busy lives change, mostly tidying up after little people, that our V6 will grow with us and be there to deal with the many, many more ‘oops’ moments to come. This Cinderella might not be going to the ball anytime soon, but at least she has her magic wand to provide a helping hand.
Have you experienced the magic of a Dyson cordless vacuum? 
Until next time…
With Love & Dyson Magic,
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Disclosure: I attended a press event to learn all about the new Dyson V6 and was then kindly sent the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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