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It’s rare these days that we stay at home for the entire day. Long gone are the lazy days spent with Elsie attached to a boob whilst sat on the sofa catching up with The Kardashians and Downton Abbey.  Elsie has quickly developed the attention span of a gnat, requiring constant entertainment (it’s exhausting…I’m like a performing monkey 24/7) and she sleeps in twenty minute segments, so a day spent indoors usually entails one of us losing our marbles by 4pm. Which means packing up enough toys …and heading out to visit friends and family…or anyone who has tea on tap will do!

I’ve been one of those ‘new mums’ who has pretty much been suckered into trying everything and anything that will make this baby lark easier. I know, I know, (said in the voice of that bird Gwen from Dinopaws. I need to get a life) so many things are fads and whatnot, but there have been a few items that have been super handy and the Fisher-Price Fun ‘n’ Fold Baby Bouncer is one of them.

In A Nut Shell…

The Fisher-Price Fold & Go Bouncer is designed to comfort and entertain baby and when not in use, can be easily folded flat for storage at home or travel. It features a soothing vibration switch to help calm baby, a removable toy bar with interactive animal toys, an adjustable safety harness and a machine-washable fabric seat cover.

What Baby Thought…

It’s Comfortable. Probably the most surprising aspect about this bouncer is how comfortable it is for a foldable contraption. I haven’t tried it myself, although I’d happily sleep on a pineapple given the chance these days, but Elsie will happily sit there playing for a little while, watching us all mooch around her until it’s time for her next feed or she’s done a lovely pooplosion. She’s even been known to have a little doze or two whilst nestled in the bouncer with her bunny…but these occasions are rare, nothing to do with the bouncer, just that the pickle fights her kip.

It’s Fun. Everyday Elsie is seeing her world in more exciting light. She’s becoming so much more aware of everything and just loves getting her hands on anything bright and noisy. So the play bar that attaches to the bouncer is perfect at providing her with the stimulation she so craves. It is a light play bar with two colourful animals that shake and rattle at the baby’s touch. It would be good if the toys were easily detachable, as I can tell she would just love to chew on the elephants ears. 

What Mummy Thought…

It’s Easy. As busy mummies we don’t have time for anything that requires a lot of effort, (our little ones use up all the ‘effort credits’ everyday) so I was pleased at how easy the bouncer is to fold down and reassemble. Once folded the bouncer fits perfectly in the boot of our car, even with the pram and a whole lot of baby luggage. We don’t travel light.

The only tricky part is that once it is folded down, the play bar detaches and is then a little awkward to carry with the folded bouncer. There needs to be two velcro straps that hold the play bar against the folded bouncer. Or perhaps I’m just being picky. To demonstrate just how easy the bouncer is to use, check out my video below…

It’s Safe.  I was pleasantly surprised at how safe the bouncer really is. It’s sturdy and robust and providing you’ve clicked the two sides into place and using the safety hardness provided, I’ve always felt reassured at how safe the bouncer is for baby.

My only down points would be how chunky it is when folded. You would still need a good space under a bed or in a cupboard to store the bouncer. But the size of the bouncer also plays a role in how safe and sturdy it is, so I’d take the thickness for safety any day. As with most things these days (these days, man I sound old) the bouncer doesn’t come with batteries so you’ll need to add those to your shopping list.

We’ve used our’s practically everyday since it arrived, taking it with us to visit family and friends. Elsie loves being surrounded by people and having the bouncer with us when we travel means she can interact with everyone whilst sat in a comfortable, yet safe place. So, if like us you’re always on the go, then I highly recommend the Fisher-Price Fun & Fold Bouncer which is currently on sale for £39.99. It’s reliable, safe and easy to use with the added bonus of comfort and stimulation for baby.

Until next time…

With Love & Folding Fun,

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Disclosure: I was kindly sent the Fisher-Price Fun n Fold Bouncer to review. As always all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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