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If there is one down-side to being on maternity leave, it’s being on a maternity leave budget. Ugh! I hate that word budget. I know that we are super lucky to be provided with maternity pay in this country, but having a baby is really expensive. Particularly when one has a slight problem when it comes to shopping and stumbling across must have lovely things. So seeing as we need to eat this month and there’s a cold snap on the way so the heating is going back on, (damn it) I thought I’d feed my shopaholic tendencies with a little spring baby wish list to tied me over for the time being. Step away from the credit card Katie…

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Joolz range and I’m still so impressed with our Joolz Day pram. So I was super excited to discover that Joolz are expanding their gorgeous collection this spring with the launch of a brand new essentials range which go on sale in April. I’m particularly loving the Joolz Blanket (£50.00). Made with 100% organic cotton, it absorbs moisture and regulates heat so can be used not only for naps but for bedtime too, and comes in a range of beautiful colours.

Also part of the new Joolz collection are these fabulous Nests (£65.00) which can be used in both the car seat and pram for ease of transferring your sleeping babes. Available in April this year, these gorgeous nests are made with 100% organic cotton with an easy zip to fasten the seat belt through the nest. 

Now I might be getting ahead of myself, but I can’t wait for Elsie to be tottering around in fairy princess dresses, (or pirate costumes, whatever she’s in to) and I stumbled across this Solo Hanging Rail (probably during a 3am feed, that’s when you find all the good stuff online…well something good has to come from getting zero sleep!) which would be perfect to keep them altogether. 

I’m a sucker for anything personalised and whilst mooching around another favourite haunt of mine during the long nights is Etsy.com, where I found these lovely personalised baby pillows (£22.00) that would compliment any little one’s bedroom. 

Elsie is millimetres away from bursting out of her crib so it’s only a matter of days before we have to take the plunge and move her into her bigger cot in her own room. Eek! I’m not quite ready to make the move yet, although a night without a two hour rendition of “look Mummy I can blow raspberries now,” would be quite nice. When we do finally make the move I think I’ll ease the pain with a few new pretty things for her bedroom. These Pink Polka Dot Cot Sheets (£10.00) would make a really cute touch to her new bigger cot, as well as these lovely Patchwork Storage Bags (£28.00) to store all her toys away at the end of the day. 

We’re currently um-ing and ah-ing about what to do about bath times. Similarly with her crib, Elsie has outgrown her baby bath and we aren’t too sure what to move her too next. She is still a little wobbly when sitting by herself so something like this Aqua Pod (£29.00) would be really fun for her and easier on our backs as she looks like she’ll be more secure in a seat rather than laying down. 

What spring items have you been coveting? 

Until next time…

With Love & Spring Baby Treats, 

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