Happy Days…Finding the Positives

Yesterday was a particularly pants day. The type of day where in Mmummyland, after a series of sleepless nights, you swiftly pass over a grizzly baby to your husband the minute he walks through the door after a night shift to go and sit in the car for five minutes to regain some sort of composure. It’s on days like this when you feel like a complete failure and that the world, including your precious bundle, are totally against you. These days are usually always fuelled by lack of sleep and the constant demands that come with being a parent. These days suck big time. 

Some days you win and other days you fail miserably, but today is a new day and I could really do with a refocus to remind myself of the positives…

Finally finding the time to go through our photographs from Elsie’s photoshoot with The Chronicles Of… She is changing so much every day so it’s lovely to have some gorgeous photographs of her to cherish. Even though I swear she’s been sent from another planet to destroy me, I do love her with every part of my being.

Listening to Coldplay & All Saint’s new albums. It’s been so long since I listened to music. It sounds silly but it’s just one of many things that the new me hadn’t found time for anymore, along with shaving my legs and brushing my hair. Speaking of hair…

Having my barnet done. It’s amazing what a fresh set of locks can do to a persons spirit. I feel a little more like my old self, only with nowhere to go to show it off and I already have baby snot and pureed beef stew in it.

Elsie’s door initial arriving. I completely forgot that I ordered this for her bedroom and I just love it. It’s so pretty. Check out Eden & Primrose’s shop here.

Getting a new phone at long last. Oh my, I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to not have that blooming “storage full” message flash up on my screen. I can finally take 487 photos of the exact same thing just to make sure I get that perfect photo…phew.

A weekend away with my uni girls. This weekend there will be travel cot chaos as my uni friends and our newly hatched sproglets will be gathering for a little trip quite unlike our previous adventures. Long gone are our days spent gate crashing army barracks in Germany and dancing in the officers mess until dawn or being stranded in a remote village in France and being escorted to a hostel in police cars. Oh no, this weekend will mainly revolve around baby monitors, a carousel of changing nappies and a relay of feeding times and lots of mummy natter over prosecco. Bring it on.

What things have made you happy lately?

Until next time…

With Love & Finding the Positives,

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