Baby’s First Holiday Essentials…

I’ve never been one for travelling light. I’d rather walk butt naked through passport control than be forced to pack all my holiday essentials into one of those pokey little cabin friendly cases. Since Elsie arrived it’s no surprise that I struggle more than ever to leave the house without looking like there’s a possibility that I might not return for a week or two, when I’m only popping to Mum’s for a cup of tea. I just like to have everything, just in case, because you just never know with babies as to what you’ll be scrabbling around for next in an absolute flutter, usually involving mopping up some sort of liquid.

God forbid I forget the nappy sacks or several spare outfits. Bad Mummy. You know you’ve become a mum when all of sudden you’re constantly bombarded with a series of “have you got this?” or “have you got that?” And even though my arms are always resembling Stretch Armstrong when I leave the house, there’s always something I forget. So naturally I was a little worried about how we would manage for a whole week away from home, so I literally packed everything barring her actual cot and any clothes that were too small. Obvs. Did we need it all? Of course not and I now realise that wherever you are, as long as baby is getting fed, changed and loved then they are happy. And if baby’s happy, then we’re all happy.

But there were a few things that we used whilst away which I thought were pretty darn good and made life just that little bit easier

The Deuter Kid Comfort II 

Travelling with a little one who isn’t yet crawling or walking and is a little too big for the everyday baby carrier can be tricky. We knew that our holiday would involve lots of walking and exploring places where the pram just wouldn’t be suitable, so we got in touch with the lovely team over at Deuter who very kindly sent us The Deuter Kid Comfort II. In a nutshell, it made our holiday so much easier. There wasn’t anything we couldn’t do on our trip because of this amazing piece of kit and Elsie absolutely loved being able to explore the world from a great height (her Daddy is super tall!) Look out for a full review of the Deuter Kid Comfort II coming soon to the blog as well as a little video we made whilst away! 

Nappy Sacks 

A bit random and perhaps an obvious item to take away when one has a little sprog who craps itself every five minutes, but the good old nappy sack came in handy on more than just bum changing occasions. We used them for dirty clothes, collecting shells, car rubbish bags and even travel sickness. Yep. After a seven hour car journey and a final stretch down some ridiculously windy narrow roads, this Mummy sure did chuck her guts up in the back of the car. So gross…but thank goodness for nappy sacks hey!

Travel High Chair 

A good friend introduced me to the Polar Gear Harness Travel Booster and it is brilliant. Not only did we use it when dining out, because let’s face it, unless the kid is strapped to something you’d have more luck feeding an alligator with your eyes closed, but we also used it as a better support in the holiday home high chair. Just having that extra booster cushion meant that she wasn’t slipping and sliding all over the place. Bonus. The less movement you have to contend with at meal times the better I say.

A Rucksack 

So there will be some frequent travelling parents reading this thinking, der, of course you need a rucksack! But I couldn’t believe how handy having a back pack was when traveling with a little one. I picked up the Cath Kidston Foldaway Backpack (which is currently on sale! oh man…!) and I absolutely love it. It’s so light, wipeable and of course super pretty. It even has two big pockets and side slots big enough for suncream and pre-made milk bottles so it was the perfect baby travel bag. It saved having to lug around my lovely changing bag that matches my pram and get it dirty on the beach (God forbid), plus it’s foldable so easy to store away easily until our next family adventure. 

So for any new parents about to set sail on their first family adventure: enjoy, good luck and if you think you’re going to need it, pack it because you just never know! 

What are your family holiday essentials? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time…

With Love & Baby Holiday Essentials, 

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