Our First Family Holiday…

My friends weren’t kidding when they said holidays won’t be the holidays we once knew and loved now that we have a baby. The last holiday I went on, (the carefree, not as wobbly as I once thought I was and with a foff still in tact, type of holiday) I read four books, had an afternoon nap everyday, worked on my tan and drank enough local gin to sink a pirates ship.

After this “holiday”, our first family holiday,  I’m more knackered than when I left thanks to that fresh sea air that is apparently so good for you, I swear it’s like a type of horse tranquilliser to already sleep deprived parents. I’m sun burnt down one side of my body from looking after a baby on the beach and shielding her from the heat. Thanks to my new post-baby wobbly bits, as well as providing a good cushion for baby to trample over, I also double up as a bloody great shade too. Brilliant. Did I read a book I hear you ask? I didn’t even finish reading the welcome letter that was sitting on the table in our cottage…I know it said ‘welcome’, but that’s as far as I got to read.


But there was something about a change of scenery that did us the world of good.

Yes we still had our usual sleepless nights, (seriously, when will this kid ever sleep for longer than three hours?) several pooplosions, (I knew we’d need all those clothes) one major meltdown in the car, one good kick off when her dinner was ever so slightly delayed and one incident with mouthful of sand. But overall, this new type of holiday suited us well. Life didn’t crumble beneath our feet as our routine went out the window and I realised for the first time in nine months that babies are actually quite adaptable.

So little Miss Elsie Belle, here are my favourite moments from our first family holiday

I loved how content and happy you were being around everyone. You didn’t always crave attention like I feel you do at home, you seemed chuffed to be a part of a little group and enjoyed watching us bustle all around you. I loved how excited you were to wake up Uncle Tom every morning, knowing he’d be happy to see you, ready to watch CBeebies and play with your toys. Sitting with Grumps at the breakfast table you had fun throwing all the toys he kept giving you on the floor and chuckled as he kept reaching down to pick them up. Seeing you try and wriggle to Auntie Emily every time she walked in the room because you knew she wanted a squish. We all loved seeing your face everyday as much as you loved seeing ours.

Watching your little toes spring up every time a wave came rushing over your feet. You weren’t scared, just inquisitive and a little surprised with each chilly ripple of water.

The way you kicked your feet in the sand and curled your toes around to create your very own tiny baby sand dunes.

Feeding you dinner on a beautiful secluded beach just as the sun was setting. I felt a little overwhelmed on this particular evening for a number of reasons, but in that moment we sat in the warm evening sunshine I felt so happy and grateful for you, that I collected a handful of shells to remind myself that even the toughest of days can end calmly and beautifully.

Your hair seemed to grow so much throughout this week away. Each day it seemed to grow a little fluffier and blonder in the sunshine and we all loved seeing it starting to gently blow in the breeze. It’s not hair clip worthy yet, but we’re getting there.

Seeing you experience your first boat ride up the River Dart and not be remotely interested in anything other than having your lunch, milk and falling asleep in your Daddy’s arms.

Playing in your ball pitt on the front lawn every morning. We’d all take it in turns to sit and play with you. I loved hearing you giggle from our bedroom window, laughing at Daddy throwing the balls into the pitt and Nanny’s funny juggling. Your giggle is the loveliest, most rewarding sound in the world.

Seeing you get so excited every time we strapped you into your new baby carrier. It was as if you knew we were going on a new adventure and that you would get to experience it from Daddy’s height. It was one of the cutest things and we were so happy to see you eager to explore something new.

Watching you take a nap in your little beach tent. You amazed me at how adaptable and content you were, as long as you had us and your bunny, you were a happy girl.

Thank you my darling girl for making your first holiday such a special one. I can’t wait to share more adventures with you.

I think becoming a parent well and truly disables your ‘relax’ mode for the foreseeable future, but that’s OK. I just need to keep reminding myself of how much I’ll miss these days when we are on our over 60’s cruise knowing that my heart will ache missing the noise, chaos and adventure that being surrounded by family brings.

How was your first family holiday? Let me know in the comments below…!

Until next time…

With Love & Family Firsts,

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