Elsie Belle…Ten Months Old

This month things got really exciting. All of a sudden things seemed less baby-like, moving into toddler-territory. Big fat eek. 

As much as you want them to grow and develop into independent souls, when they finally start showing signs that they don’t need you as much it’s all a little bittersweet. I’ve been watching Elsie’s eyes open to the world that’s behind her Mama and the cocoon we had created and that can be a sad thing to comprehend. 

When they start to take their bottle from you and feed themselves. The moment when their toys are no longer of interest and everything else starts to catch their attention instead. Watching them as they start to wander off to explore their environment, all make you feel a little less needed which is both a good and a sad thing for any parent.

So darling Elsie, this month will always be remembered for the month where things just started to click. The month where you started to emerge into a little person who is so desperate to venture off into the big wide world. I just hope you don’t go too far, not just yet because I like you right here…

You’ve started to engage in conversations and will randomly laugh at the dinner table or pull a funny face to make us all laugh. The sniffy nose face trick is still a winner and always gets a giggle. 

You are finally waving like a royal. You wave hello and goodbye, mostly on cue but usually about five minutes after we’ve walked away from said-person-meant-to-be-waving-to, but that’s OK. You can wave and that’s all that matters. 

We’re clapping! Yay! You even clap yourself when you receive praise from something you’ve done which is hilarious. You even made Mummy cry last week in your Baby Sensory class when you started clapping at the end of a puppet show that you had just sat and watched so intently. 

You still don’t sleep. Mummy complains about this a lot. We’re not sure whether you’re teething or if you just hate sleep. Either way, if you could sort out the issue before your first birthday that would be much appreciated, or if you could just hurry up and learn how to speak so you can tell as to why you won’t sleep? 

Words and sounds are forming. “Da da da” and “Mum mum mmm” are what we’ve got so far. As baby firsts go, this is most definitely up there with your first smile. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of love and recognition. 

You can now pull yourself up in your cot which you find highly amusing, but then fall back down with a bump when you get too excited and think that you can clap or wave whilst standing. One thing at a time my sweets, one thing at a time. 

You’re nailing the dodgy crab crawl like a pro. As much as you haven’t yet appreciated that this motion does in fact make you mobile, you’re doing pretty well at moving from one place to another in record time. If only you could figure out how to put the other knee on the floor instead of dragging it along, I think you’d be much more pleased with yourself. 

You’ve started to put one foot in front of the other and are slowly but surely on the move! We’ve been plonking you in your walker for a while now and finally you’ve figured out how to work it. This is not so great for our ankles as you ram into us or whack into the kitchen cupboards then try and open everything

Which brings me onto your little inquisitive mind. You’re either going to be an engineer or a professional pick pocketer the way you studiously empty every bag or box you can get your chubby little hands on. 

We have two teeth! Yay! Now this is exciting stuff. Your two little bottom front teeth have finally shown themselves to the world and they are mighty cute. We just won’t mention the fact that we were hoping this would mean that you might give us a good nights sleep, but nope, no such luck. Why won’t you sleep? 

We’re excited for your next milestones my darling girl. I know it’s going to be exciting and we are loving seeing you transform into such a funny, clever little bunny. Let’s just hope that when you get moving properly, that you let us get some sleep… 

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