Life, Love & Laughter Lately…#1.16

A little update on life lately…

Moving House

They say it’s the most stressful thing don’t they…and they aren’t wrong.  

Emotions are heightened with the expense, pressure and work that goes into the upheaval from home life and it doesn’t matter how organised you are or how prepared for it you are, one still ends up falling out with at least one family member during the process and has to physically restrain oneself from nutting said loved one and boxing them up with a label marked ‘Ship To The Land Of Knobs’. 

OK so it wasn’t that bad, but I’d be lying if I said that the thought didn’t cross my mind at one point, but we soon made up and as sad (and stressful) as it was to say goodbye to our first home, we’re now out and are living in limbo whilst we renovate our first house which I’ll be sharing more of in the coming months. Exciting stuff.

Some Me Time 

Last weekend I took some time off from Mummy Life and man did it feel good. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything fun that the old me loved and it just so happened that a few things all came in the same week. We saw Jess Glynne at Sandown Racecourse (she was brilliant), attended a beautiful wedding including a whole night away which meant, wait for it, sleep! Eek! Then topped off by an evening spent having the time of my life with Secret Cinema. Lucky Mummy. 

Not so for Nanny who by Sunday evening looked as if she’d spent several days trying to entertain a bunch of ferrel chimpanzees rather than just one ten month old baby. Oopsie! Mummy on the other hand was exhausted for reasons other than lack of sleep for the first time in ten months. The good kind of tired that comes from dancing all night, laughing all day and being the old you for just a little while. Bliss.

She’s On The Move

So the fun begins…ha! No longer are rattles and crunchy books of any interest to little Miss Elsie Belle. Oh no, this one is desperate to be on the move so is super restless and frustrated when she doesn’t get the help she needs.

We are all black and blue. She’s either whizzing around in her walker and ramming it into our ankles,  or she’s dragging one leg behind doing some dodgy crab crawl to which she then clambers all over us like a bouncy castle, or she’s pleading for our hands to help her walk around and explore. Even though our baby is the same height as a three year old it’s still back breaking leaning over and helping her to toddle around, but it’s exciting to see her developing into the next stage of babyhood. 

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