My Latch Diary…Finding Comfort & Reconnecting

I always imagined that I’d be a natural when it came to breastfeeding, but sadly this wasn’t the case. As prepared as you are in the nursery and tiny weenie baby clothes department, nothing can prepare you when it comes to feeding your new baby. Some of us breeze through it and some have a few bumps. Then there is the rest of us who frantically search the internet, sob over help books and clear out the shelves in the baby stores for every teat, bottle or contraption that will ease the most vital aspect of caring for your tiny human.

Feeding becomes the crux for everything else and once you’ve got it figured out everyone’s happy.

Even a year on and we are still struggling with self-settling and more importantly sleep in general. We’ve tried everything but we mustn’t give up hope, which is why I’m working with Munchkin Latch Bottles to share our ‘Latch Diary’ as we continue with our mission to help Elsie, and the rest of us get a good night’s sleep.

My Latch Diary

I breastfed Elsie until she was around the five month mark before we moved onto formula. As well as she took to bottles, there was always something missing. I felt as if that nurturing bond I had worked extremely hard to form had been abruptly cut off and Elsie did too.

After her feeds she would push away her bottle and turn her head towards me to find my boob that she so obviously needed for comfort and reassurance that she’d had up until that point to soothe her to sleep. But with my supply dwindling, as it wasn’t needed as much anymore, I needed to find other ways to comfort her. In the end I had to drop the cradle feeding position and started to feed her facing away from me instead, and then once her feed was over I’d place her down on the bed and lay next to her to try and settle her to sleep. As much as it worked at the time, it now makes me sad. I loved nothing more than staring down at her face as she looked into my eyes whilst I fed her- both breast and bottle- and I feel like I cut her off too soon.

So when our Latch bottles arrived the first thing I was reminded of were these difficult transitioning days and I wished that I’d known about this range back when I was struggling to combine the breast and bottle. If I had I would have probably been able to feed my baby in my arms for much longer.

The Latch Experience 

The thoughtful people over at Munchkin recognise that the transition from breastfeeding to bottle can be difficult, which is why they’ve designed the Latch range with much consideration creating a unique accordion teat that mimics the comfort and movement of the breast which moves with baby as they feed. It also has an anti-colic valve fitted to prevent air bubbles which is always a bonus in those early constantly winding-burping days.

Elsie took to the Latch bottle like a pro and it’s eased our feeding times in various ways.

The bottles are slim in design and lightweight meaning she’s taken to holding them much easier than our previous brand, giving her the confidence she needs to develop her independence during feeding times. Elsie usually guzzles her feeds as if she’s worried her next one won’t come, but since using the Latch range, she’s slowed down her drinking considerably which means we are able to spend more time soothing her during the feed and therefore settling a little better.

But the aspect I love most about these clever bottles is the way in which it’s brought us closer together during feeding times again. I can lie next to her as she feeds and the flexible teat means that she’s got the freedom to tilt her face towards me and move to get more comfortable as she settles down for the hour evening, something I’ve been missing since we transitioned from breast to bottle.

As baby starts to move from bottle to cup the Transition Trainer Cup, with it’s silicone spout is flexible to give baby the confidence to practice a whole new skill when it comes to drinking. This cup has been an excellent way to ease Elsie into drinking water in between meal times. She took to it instantly and similarly with the Latch bottle, she wants to feed herself which she tries to do but still needs a little help to lift it and tilt her neck at the same time, but we will get there.

Finding Comfort & Reconnecting 

Using the Latch bottles we’ve been given the opportunity to reconnect again during feeding times and we couldn’t be happier with the range. It’s brilliant design means that Elsie is given the confidence to be independent, whilst still allowing us to soothe, teach and comfort her in the process. Taking part in the Munchkin’s Latch Diaries has reminded me that these feeding times won’t last forever so it’s important to cherish every single one before she’s all grown up. She may be destined to be The Baby Who Never Sleeps and will always struggle to self-settle, but it won’t last forever so I’m making a conscious effort to appreciate every single feed from now on.

If you’d like to see more, we’ve made a little video of our Latch Diary experience too…

I would like to nominate the very lovely Polly from The Enchanted Pixie to try out the Munchkin Latch Bottle range next and I’m really excited to see how she gets on with it.

Thank you Munchkin Latch for working with The Enchanting Blog

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