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I can’t actually believe that in two weeks time, Elsie Belle will be two years old. Two Years Old! Eek!

It suddenly dawned on me whilst busy planning and preparing for her second birthday celebrations, that I still had a few posts from her first birthday that I wanted to share. In the lead up to her first birthday, I spent a ridiculous amount of hours, usually in the dark at stupid o’ clock, searching for ideas on Pinterest, (you can mooch my first birthday board here) in my quest at making her first one extra special. I wanted so badly to make the whole thing memorable and looking back now it was so daft as I almost gave myself a nervous breakdown trying to make every blooming DIY project I’d pinned to my board. Such a numpty.

First Birthday Prep Madness 

Where do I start?

Oh yes, first there was the incident with a marshmallow mix that was meant to make a batch of cute pink number ones. The sodding mix went rock hard within seconds, scalding my hand in the process, whilst I cried trying to squish the lumpy remains into number one moulds.  The whole thing cost me a small fortune and was a complete and utter waste of time and tears. OK so I didn’t read the how to part very well and if you’re curious, the marshmallow number ones were meant to look like this but looked like something a cat threw up instead. You don’t need a photo of cat spew, I’m sure.

I then attempted some fancy glittery vases, (see here for how the fancy glittery vases should have turned out) but I didn’t have enough glitter and couldn’t be arsed to wait for another forty-five packets (which I reckon would have been needed) to arrive to cover approximately eight vases, so mine was a poor half-arsed attempt at creating some fancy table centrepieces. Ugh.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the get your baby to make their own art” idea. I should have known this one would turn out to be a disaster before attempting it. This one went down a real hoot with Elsie having an absolute meltdown when I covered her hand with pretty pink paint. I had to finish the job of course about an hour after I’d managed to clean her up and calm her down. It’s actually quite difficult trying to create art on behalf of a one-year-old, no matter how crap you are at art.

I think you get the gist.

Baby’s First Year Photo Collage

Most of it was totally unnecessary and Elsie for one will never really appreciate all the time, effort and tears that went into trying to theme her first birthday party perfectly. But there was one thing that I managed to create, quite successfully and it was inspired by this Baby’s First Year Milestone Frame. It’s something that I’m hopefully going to use every year for both the girls so I thought I would share my little DIY Baby’s First Year Photo Collage. Especially as I won’t be showing off any jazzy marshmallow moulded numbers or glitzy centre pieces anytime soon.

What You Will Need:

  • Frame- I looked everywhere for a distressed gold frame large enough for the photographs to fit comfortably. I eventually found the perfect one but as a mirror on sale from Dunelm. So we removed the mirror and just used the frame. Alternatively, you could buy a normal picture frame and remove the backing or if you’re handy with a saw, make a custom made one to suit your theme or style.
  • Photographs- I ordered a batch of Retro Prints from Cheerz which worked perfectly as I could write a personalised caption under each photograph i.e. One Month Old etc.
  • Jute Ribbon- to attach and positioned the photographs across your frame.
  • Pegs- miniature pegs to hold the photographs to the string, I picked these up from The Works
  • Decorative Roses- or any small decor item to suit your preferred colour scheme or theme.
  • Double Sided Sticky Tape/Drawing Board Pins- I opted for the drawing pins to hold the string in place.
  • Scissors- a standard requirement for pretty much all DIY’s.


DIY Baby’s First Year Photo Collage Steps:

  • Take apart the back of your frame leaving you with just the frame itself.
  • Measure the ribbon that your photographs will hang from across the width of the frame. Leave enough at each end for attaching it to the frame. Cut required amount of rows to fit frame comfortably, I had four rows of ribbon, each with three photographs attached.
  • Spend some time lining up your photographs attached to the string. Make sure that each row of photographs leaves enough space for each row above and below it.

    TIP: I used blue tac to attached each row in position. This meant that I could keep lifted the frame to face me to check on the positioning of each row.

  • Arrange your photographs along the ribbon in order, attaching them with the pegs to gauge the correct positioning. Now remove the photographs to then fix the ribbon to the frame.
  • Next, you need to secure the ribbons starting with fixing one end of the ribbon. Pull tightly and twist the ribbon to form a secure string. This makes the jute ribbon stronger to hold the photographs. Pin the other end to the opposite side of the frame.
  • Flip the frame over and begin re-positioning your photographs. FYI: The positioning of rows and photographs all took a little time to get right. So patience and perhaps wine will be required at some point.
  • Once you are happy with how the photographs positioned, you can then begin decorating your frame! FYI: I had to use additional pegs to keep the roses in place.

A Milestone Frame For Every Birthday 

I was really pleased with how my Baby’s First Year Photo Collage turned out. I know that we’ll use it again in a few weeks for Elsie’s second birthday celebrations. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping things a lot simpler this year. I’ve just ordered a truckload of Peppa Pig party supplies from the internet. No glitter or sodding glue required this year, whoop whoop!

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