The First Day Of Nursery…


They said they would call me in twenty minutes if she hasn’t settled.

I left her in floods of tears with her lovely keyworker at the playdoh table. I could still hear her screaming as I was halfway down the road heading towards home.

I’m now sitting here wiping my snotty nose from my Mum Guilt sob with my coat and shoes still on ready to run back and get her if they call me, which I’m sure they will.

Today was her first proper day. After a couple of settling in sessions before half term, I’m now feeling terrible that I probably haven’t timed this all too well. I’ve left putting her into nursery too late. Everyone said the older she got, the harder it would be. Maybe I shouldn’t have got her started before half term. Perhaps a nursery with term breaks isn’t the best arrangement for her. Oh, the Mum Guilt…and yet I’m doing this for her.

I need to work. She needs interaction, stimulation, and little break-away from her security blanket otherwise I fear the big world will be all too much of a shock to her one day.

I’m doing this for her. So why does this feel so hard?


They still haven’t called. Maybe they can’t get to the phone because she’s still so upset. My eyes keep twitching to my phone and I need a wee, but I can’t move in case they call. I also want wine tea…

I just knew it was going to be like this. As chipper as I was this morning, trying my best to resemble a perky Cebeebies presenter. Which is near on impossible when you’ve had about three hours sleep and has to deal with joyous things like their toddler starts spreading toothpaste along the side of the bath at 7.25am.


Still no phone call…

I just knew we were going to have a major wobble today.

She didn’t want any breakfast even though I brought out the big guns- a choice of three different moonies (smoothies) and pancakes. She wasn’t interested.

When putting on her brand new uniform, which cost Mummy a small fortune, (bye bye Mummy’s birthday money, hello how much for freaking school uniforms just for them to get covered in homemade playdoh?!) she wasn’t impressed.

“Me no like that Mumma..” Great. Just great.

So I pulled out all the stops reciting lines from Peppa Pig to get her in the uniform and managed to sneak in a few cheeky photos where surprisingly, she didn’t resemble the first day in prison as opposed to nursery school.


They still haven’t called me. I feel so nauseous. Hasn’t stopped me eating two biscuits and the pancake Elsie didn’t want this morning though…

So I finally got her skipping to school with her new folder in hand and she says, “Me push baby little bit Mumma…” as she lunges forward for the pram and falls flat on face.

Sods Law isn’t it.

Two hands, two knees, all grazed. Cue screams that could wake the dead.

It took a whole lot of cuddles and multiple promises that she could demolish the leftover Halloween Trick or Treat choc chocs when she got home. A promise I know she won’t forget.


Still no phone call. Sod it, I need a wee…

This Afternoon

The nursery didn’t call me, (thank god I went for that wee) and so I collected her at pick up time. She’d had a few more wobbles throughout the morning, but they had managed to distract her. It’s obvious that it’s going to take some time for her to settle, but we will persist and I’m pretty sure that it’s days like this that gin was invented for, so I know I’ll be just fine too.

She was super happy to see me…

Did you have fun at nursery today baby? Yeah Mumma.

Can I have a cuddle? Yeah, Mumma. Mumma me best friend.

You’re Mumma’s best friend too baby. What did you do today? Jumping Mumma.

Oh lovely. Did you make any friends today? Yeah, Mumma. Candy Cat.

Oh cool. I didn’t know Candy Cat went to your nursery. What fruit did you have for your snack? A purple one. Me bic bic too.

Ooh Yummy. Are you looking forward to going again next week? Yeah, Mumma. Mumma…me need choc choc now?

I knew she wouldn’t forget about the choc choc.



  1. November 16, 2017 / 10:47 am

    Aw it’s so hard isn’t it. I’m glad Elsie had a good time though even if you didn’t! Albert has been going to nursery for a couple of months now and some days he just walks in, happy as larry, and waves bye, then days like today we take him and he doesn’t want to go in the room then tried to hide behind the toy kitchen. He has been ill this week though (he only goes to nursery one day a week at the moment). Agh I had all of the guilt about leaving him today. I hope it gets easier! Lots of love to you, nursery is a great thing and great for socialisation and learning new things. xx

    • katie
      August 2, 2019 / 11:58 pm

      Thank you so much lovely, I really appreciate the support. I hope he’s nice and settled now into nursery life and that you are too x

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