Billie Baby…Half A Year Old

Life before with just one baby seemed to whizz past in a blur.

That was nothing compared to life with two babies. It’s all so whizzy now that I can barely see clearly most days. The Mum Guilt tugs at my heartstrings several times a day when I think of all the things I’m missing out on this time around. Those moments that I know I spent so much time on the first time around.

There’s been no first swimming experience, let alone swimming lessons.  No regular play dates with babies her own age. I’ve been meaning to book baby sensory classes, but we can’t afford those because her sister is now in a nursery. No hours spent sitting just playing. There’s been hardly any lazy mornings when we blow raspberries and tickle for ages without fretting about the time. Am I taking enough photographs of her every day? What should she be doing right now? I haven’t even picked up a baby book since she was three weeks old and I never even signed up for an app that sent me updates for her.

Typical second child problems.

But oh is she loved.

Like a magic bean blossoming into a beautiful flower, she appeared and has slotted into our lives brightening the world in so many ways that I know she’s doing just fine and not in any way missing out on anything.

So here you are, our blue-eyed girl, at six months old

You have the most beautiful smile. It lights up our hearts every single day. You have a twinkle in your eyes and two tiny dimples by your mouth and my heart bursts each time your face lights up with that magical smile.

You’re a bit of a boob monster. At almost seven months old, we’re still breastfeeding so I suppose that makes us pros. You’re not fussed with any food, you’d much prefer the boob. Which is all well and good but at some point we’ve got to wean you off it? Especially before you get your first tooth, which I don’t think will be very long!

We’re yet to find you a comforter. I keep giving you all sorts of soft bunnies and comforters, but you just lob them away. I’m hoping you find something you like soon so that you stop using my boobs as a stress ball.

You’re still sleeping by Mummy’s side. By now they say you should be sleeping in your own bed, but that’s not where you want to be. You much prefer the safety net of Mumma’s boobs and arms, snuggled close and warm. I don’t know how long this will last and I’m terrified you will end up giving us as much grief as your sister has in the sleep department, but I’m trying to not think about that for now. You sleep more than she ever has and for that, I will always be grateful.

You stare so lovingly at your sister. Who doesn’t exactly give you anything back at the moment, but she will one day. We can see how much you adore your big sister and how you can’t wait to be just like her running around and playing with everything. I can’t wait for those days even though I imagine there will be a lot of squabbles, to begin with!

You give so much love. Through your smile, through your eyes and now you’ve begun reaching out to us and nuzzling in showing your affection and your appreciation for being so loved. It really is the best feeling in the world. You are simply magic.

I’m not sure where you came from Billie Baby. It’s almost as if you just appeared and slotted into life here making our hearts burst with your beautiful smile from the moment you arrived. My sweet girl, you are so unbelievably loved.  You light up rooms and our hearts every single day. You have restored a faith in me that I didn’t know I was lacking as a mother and our my heart bursts with pride.  Thank you for being ours.

Your Mumma x

Billie was kindly sent a Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy to review. It’s unique in that you can apply teething gels or granules straight onto the soft toothbrush bump part of the teether.

It’s super soft, easy to grasp, and has so many different cushions aspects for babies to chomp down on to soothe their poorly gums. They come in an array of bright colours and are dishwasher and freezer safe too! Billie absolutely loves it so thank you Matchstick Monkey! 


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