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If there’s one thing I don’t remember about Elsie during the baby stage, it’s teething. Sure she had the odd (bazillion) off days where I thought perhaps she might be suffering from her new teeth sprouting through. But to be honest, I was so consumed with sleep deprivation. I probably zoned out a bit and just dosed her up with Calpol just to take the edge off. The second time around, however, it’s been a whole different story.

Poor Billie Baby has been hit with the teething troubles hard. So much so that her top four front teeth all decided to come through at the same time. Ouch. It was a long couple of weeks…but if you’re going to suffer, you might as well get them out in batches hey.

Needless to say, I’ve pretty much tried everything. Some things have worked better than others but I thought it might be useful to round up all the Top Teething Tips we’ve been experimenting with and relying on over the last few months.

Fridge Teethers

I keep a Tupperware box filled with cooling teethers so they are always on ready to give to her for both teething and entertainment purposes. Two birds and all that.

Pureed Lollies 

One of my lovely Instagram friends suggested this idea. It’s worked a charm with both Billie and Elsie as a teething soother and a fun after dinner treat. Using an already pureed pouch of fruit, simply squeeze into Lolly moulds (I use the Annabel Karmel by NUK Ice Lolly Moulds) and freeze to create another handy soother which is also nutritious!

Teething Gel Applicator 

I have really struggled to get Billie to take anything other than the boob. Medicine, food, formula and teething gels or crystals. Trying to get her to take anything is a real battle and one that usually leaves us both in tears. But our handy Matchstick Monkey teether has really helped to solve that problem. Simply apply the gel or crystals to the toothbrush style head of the monkey and let baby do the rest. It’s genius and oh so effective.

Bibs & Muslins

One of the most common side effects from teething is dribbling and we’ve been drowning in the slimy stuff. Billie’s poor face has really suffered as her cheeks and chin flare up with an angry red rash. So to try and ease it, I’ve been using a truckload of bibs, muslins, or whatever I’m wearing, to wipe up her slobber instead of wipes and tissues which will cause more irritation to her skin.

Cooking Utensils

Sometimes the chilled soothers are a little to cool on her sore gums so I’ve found that giving her a wooden or silicone utensils are perfect for when she wants to chomp down on the irritation. They also provide a bit of musical entertainment if you don’t mind a bit of drumming on your kitchen floor.

Teething Bracelets

Tears, teethers and troubles aside, Billie’s teething woes has led us towards a very exciting new project. Over the next few months,  we’ll be working as a brand representative for Livi Lou Loops. They design and make the most gorgeous teethers and accessories for babies and their Mamas.

We purchased one of their teethers back in February and I was blown away by not only their beautiful bespoke range of products but also their amazing customer service. I ordered this pink personalised teether for Billie and Danielle was so speedy with her communication, creating the product and ensured that I received it within just a day or two of ordering.

Billie and I both absolutely love it. It’s so stylish and the quality is amazing and its materials are just perfect to soothe gums. We take ours with us everywhere and it always receives such lovely compliments when we are out and about.

I’ve always been keen to support small independent brands and Etsy shops. So I am so chuffed that we’ve been chosen to represent such a brilliant brand over the next few months.


It perhaps goes without saying, but there will be some days when all the gels, soothers or medicines just won’t be as effective as you. I’ve found that on those days I need to remind myself that my never-ending to-do list will always be never-ending and that baby just needs her Mumma. It’s something that I’m really bad at doing. Usually, because I’m trying to juggle both babies and a whole lot of balls. So I’ve been really trying to make a conscious effort, not to just dose her up with soothers and gels, but to stop and actually give her the best form of comfort…me.

If you’ve got any teething tips, I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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