Appreciating The Magic Moments

Most days, it’s really hard to fully appreciate all of the magic moments when it comes to parenting.

Those moments that happen in between all of the chaos of daily life whilst trying to keep small humans alive. The times when they do something clever or funny in the midst frantically doing meal times. The cute things they say or gestures they do. Usually whilst you’re screaming at them to put coats and shoes on for the zillionth time. When you’re literally drowning in snot, tears and whatever else is being thrown/wiped/spilt on you it’s difficult to notice, let alone cherish all of those special-this-is-what-it’s-all-about moments.

Busy schedules, endless to-do lists, tired eyes and fuzzy heads don’t always allow us to appreciate the magic in our everyday lives and when the Disney Store recently got in touch and asked if we would like to collaborate with them on their latest Baby campaign, my heart did a little flip.

Disney. The epitome of magic and happiness.

There’s nothing quite like the magic of Disney to stir up a warm and fuzzy feeling. So instead of focusing on the tougher aspects of our days, I’ve spent a little time appreciating the magic moments for a change…

Elsie is slowly coming around to the fact that she has a sister. Yep, it might have taken the best part of a year, but slowly (ant steps) she’s starting to acknowledge our Billie Baby. She’s pretty much got the Elsa from Frozen attitude down, whilst her little sister wizzes around her in her walker practically begging her to build a snowman with her. But it does melt my heart when she offers Billie a toy or speaks to her so gently when she thinks that no one is watching.

Billie’s beautiful smile with every good morning. However long and sleepless the night, her smile lights up my heart and I thank the lucky stars that I get to wake up to her every day.

The way that Elsie wakes up every morning. With her bed hair, all squashed to one side and her Num Num (dummy) sticking out the side of her mouth. She mumbles for her “milt” (milk) still in a sleepy dopey state. It’s a magic moment when just for a few minutes, my demanding toddler resembles the baby that she once was. Embracing my cuddles and eases herself from her slumber.

Learning new tricks and talents. You forget how smart all the basics are when it comes to babies. The first claps, waves and kisses are just so magical as they emerge from their baby bubble into tiny humans who are finally able to begin communicating. Billie blows kisses every time I look at her. It fills me with love and reassurance that she’s happy and that she is getting everything she needs.

How many times can a toddler ask “Why?” in a day. So far I’ve counted 2,345 times and I probably zoned out on another zillion times.  But as frustrating as they are, I’m so in awe watching her learn more about her world. She is inquisitive and eager to learn and know everything. Her brightness is just magical and it never fails to amaze me. 

Being Billie’s comfort. I’ve given her soft toys, muslins, blankets, dummies. But the only source of comfort that Billie Baby needs, is just me and the boob. It’s draining. It’s frustrating at times. Although it’s just a bit magic that we’ve come this far with feeding and that I am everything she wants most in this world.

“You my best Mummy…I love you” hearing Elsie speak these words is simply amazing. It makes my heart burst when she tells me this, unprompted. Usually when I’m stressing about getting us somewhere on time. It’s as if she knows this will turn things around and make everything else, other than that moment between us seem trivial.

This is what it’s all about. It’s about seeing the magic in every moment with them. Life won’t always consist of a never-ending sea of tears, poo and sleepless nights. If I focus too much on the magic to come one day, then I’ll be surely missing out on all of the magical moments that are happening right now.


The Disney Store Baby Range 

We were kindly sent two outfits from the Disney Store. The beautiful Miss Bunny Dress and Cardigan Set with matching shoes. As well as the Thumper Short-Sleeve Top and Bottoms Set along with the gorgeous Miss Bunny Soft Toy too all of which are inspired by Disney’s Bambi movie. You can see more of their fabulous Baby range over on the Disney Store website.

Thank you so much to the Disney Store for working with us and for kindly gifting us with the featured products.

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