Chocolate Obsessed & Starting To Crawl: Our Easter 2018

Unlike Christmas, (where I was rather dishevelled and totally unprepared for the celebrations in so many ways) our Easter weekend was just lovely. It had all the excitement, thanks to a chocolate obsessed toddler, and none of the ridiculously high levels of stress that comes with Christmas.

OK, so I say none of the stress. There was some element of stress involved. Mostly related to said toddler and her obsession with chocolate. But mostly, it was a weekend filled with spring cleaning, family get-togethers and lots of Easter filled fun.

Easter had pretty much lacked any spark over the last decade or so. When your Mum starts buying you socks instead of chocolate for Easter there’s little to get excited about. Unless of course, you’re particularly running low on socks that year. However, Elsie is now at that age where all celebrations are exciting. It’s a part of becoming a parent that I’ve been looking forward to encouraging and enjoying with her. It also means that my Mum has got her spark back for it too- no more socks! Yippee!

The weekend left me with a really warm and fuzzy feeling. So many lovely moments that I want to remember so here are my highlights from our Easter 2018…

Our Easter Highlights

The Hubster finished tiling the kitchen, (whoop!) and we are so chuffed with how beautiful it looks. Full reveal to come as soon as the plinths and trims are finished, but you can read all about its first stages in our Renovation Part Two post.

Elsie was so happy with our Christmas-Valentines- Easter Tree, which she helped decorate. I think the seasonal celebrations will all be piled into one for a while until she fully understands that they are separate events.

Our home got a mini Spring Clean thanks to Auntie Emily who came to entertain the Divas. Unlike Christmas, where I actually dusted and hoovered on Christmas morning, (don’t ask, crazy I know!) I felt on top over everything that weekend and I couldn’t have done it without my sisters help with the babies.

Who knew that the wait for Easter Sunday would be too much for one little excited girly?  The temptation of her Easter egg hunt chocolates just sitting downstairs finally got to her. A few days before Easter she snuck the basket up to her bedroom and pretty much scoffed the lot. At 9.30pm!  The remainder of the eggs she moulded into her bedsheets as casually as if she was playing with play-doh.

Sleep she certainly did not after that particular antic and she was still awake causing chaos until gone midnight.

Needless to say, the Easter Bunny was not impressed, (royally pissed off to put it politely) and threatened to skip her visit that year. The Easter Bunny was later sent some wine and she soon saw the funny-ish side so decided to make an appearance after all.

Elsie’s excitement making Easter Cakes and doing Easter Crafts. Of course, she was excited, she was doing two of her favourite things. Hanging out with her Auntie and doing anything involving chocolate.

Introducing Elsie to Easter Egg Hunts. It took a while, but she eventually got the hang of it. We had so much fun and she was so into the game that she was still outside at almost 7pm hiding all the eggs for the zillionth time that day with her Grumps who was the only one left who she could convince to stay outside in the cold.

Billie Baby started crawling! At ten months old, Billie is on the move. Aside from seeing Elsie have so much chocolate induced fun, my favourite part of the weekend was capturing Billie’s first crawl. As tricky as life might start to get, I’m so happy that our littlest baby is about to start a whole new exciting chapter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. If anyone has any ideas on what to do with the mountains of leftover chocolate, I’d love to hear them. I’m kind of wishing we’d all been gifted socks now!



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