Letters To My Girls | Embrace Your Creative Side

Last week Mummy overheard something that made her a little mad. It was just an average conversation between two other Mummies, but a particular comment was made between them that keeps popping back into my head.

“She’s very creative, but where’s that going to get her in life…?” 

This comment hurt Mummy’s feelings. So I wanted to clear something up.  Just in case you were ever in any doubt about your abilities, your talents and your gifts, whatever path you might choose to take one day when you are all grown up.

Creative is all around us.

It’s in the books that we love to settle down together and read. The ones that make you chuckle as we do our best Peppa Pig character impressions. The words that come to life and form images in your mind of wonderful worlds full of fun and of adventure. Stories that feed your imagination. Allowing you envision so many amazing things that the real world doesn’t always offer.

Creativity can be found in images, pictures, drawings, paintings and photographs. They make us happy, make us think, make us question and make us appreciate the world for all its beauty and even its pain.

Creative is the essence of the music that everyone loves.

The music that we boogie to around the kitchen. All of the songs that we sing together in the car.

Creative is in the soft rhythms of the nursery rhymes that we sing together all day, every day.

We sing about the twinkly stars, the wheels on the bus, those dwingle bells (Jingle Bells) and the North Star which is a current favourite. The sweet songs that we sing to you both as we stroke your head to soothe you when you’re upset or poorly- they all come from a creative place that now provides you with comfort and reassurance.

Creative can be found in the small things, the big things and the things we take for granted.

Creative can be found sprinkled with glitter or icing sugar or at the tip of your toes. In can be found on the smudges in your cheeks or the flicks of your hair. Creative can be seen in the swirls of your crayons and in every game that you play.

It’s in the design of the buildings that surround us and shelter us from the cold. It’s in the home comforts that we snuggle up to and make our house a home. We are covered in some sort of creative every day in the clothes that we wear that we are lucky enough to pick depending on our mood and the weather.

You can find creative in the tips of your fingers and in a blink of your eyes. In can be nestled so snug in our minds that once it’s unleashed to the surface, anything and everything is possible.

But it’s all around you.

It’s Made Me Who I Am

OK, I’ll admit that being creative might not guarantee you the biggest house or the fastest car. The luxury holidays, the five-star lifestyle and an extremely healthy bank balance. Those successes are rare. The kind of success that usually comes with an even bigger price when it comes to true happiness. But just being creative, whether it be your own talent or an appreciation for others, will always get you far in so many other ways.

Being creative has made me who I am today and for reasons that might not be too obvious.

It made me appreciate others. It gave me friends of all different talents. Friends that I valued for their opinions, their skills and their confidence to put themselves out there in front of others and show the world what they were capable of. We had a connection and that was an appreciation of the creative world.

Appreciating Creativity Will Get You Everywhere

It’s a place where there are no red marks or failures. No percentages or averages and never having that feeling that you can’t do something. In the creative world, there are no wrong answers and this is such a wonderful place to be.

Follow your hearts and your mind.  Respect yourself and others and whatever you both decide to do, don’t be afraid to try.

Being creative can get you everywhere in life.

Until next time,

Your Mumma x x


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