Peppa Pig Birthday Party Inspiration

The wedding planner/event organiser/control freak in me just loves planning parties.

When I planned Elsie’s first birthday, I promised myself that it would be a one-off. That I wouldn’t go mad each year, but I just can’t help myself. I’m an event planner at heart and once I stumble across a cute little idea on Pinterest, well that’s it. I’m then well and truly suckered down that rabbit hole until the Hubster tells me that no, he won’t be donning a Daddy Pig costume, however much I beg and that I can, in fact, do one. Then I know that it’s time to rein it in.

I’m already planning Elsie’s third birthday celebrations, eek! But I recently stumbled across her second birthday photographs so thought I’d share a little Peppa Pig inspired birthday post, along with some other fab ideas that I found over on Pinterest, whilst some of it is still fresh in my mind. She says still having had sod all sleep since this time last year.

Elsie’s Peppa Pig Inspired 2nd Birthday Party


With Elsie’s birthday being the end of August, I decided to do a party outside, so we invited everyone to a Peppa Pig Picnic. We sectioned off an area in one of our favourite parks (with toilet facilities!) and provided the cake, prosecco for adults, drinks for children, (with personalised labels…obvs) entertainment and games and everyone just needed to bring their own little picnic lunch and a blanket.

This obviously saved on food and venue costs which is always a bonus. I also downloaded a Peppa Pig image from Google, made a few tweaks using Pic Monkey and then sent it out as a text message to friends and family, but you can find more invitation ideas and free downloads here.


As the party was in a park, we had to keep this simple. I found this pretty Peppa Pig banner which we wrapped around and hung from the trees. We laid out picnic blankets for the activities and had a Welcome to the Party and a few balloons, which was absolutely fine. However, the old me would have been all over these Muddy Puddle Welly Centre Pieces, Muddy Puddle Desserts and Summer Fruits Drink Station if I’d had more time and money!


We put together a little craft corner. Children could decorate their own little cut-out elves, fairies and crowns, Princess Peppa style! These were all a hit with the younger babies and their mummies! There were prizes (Peppa Pig activity books) for the best ones which gave more incentive to do the activities.

You can’t go wrong with Pass-the-Parcel, especially using a Peppa Pig soundtrack for music! We also played Musical Muddy Puddles which Elsie won because she just didn’t quite understand the game properly! Lots of other Peppa inspired games can be found over here.


With her party being in a park, I didn’t want to take her proper birthday cake in case it was dropped, so we picked up a reasonable sized Peppa Pig celebration cake from Sainsbury’s. Then a  family favourite for years, Ann’s Designer Cakes, made Elsie an amazing number 2 Peppa Pig cake for her actual birthday which we celebrated at my Mum & Dad’s house with family. I think I’ve kept all of the sugar figures which I just couldn’t bear to throw out…Mmmm…I’m sure those will be a real gem to find in a box someday!

I also ordered these cute personalised paper cake bags. We filled each bag with a slice and then sealed it with a personalised thank you sticker. The seller can be found here.

Party Bags 

I found these personalised Peppa Party Bag Boxes on eBay. Unfortunately, the seller isn’t listing them anymore, but I found similar ones here. We then filled them with Peppa bubbles, stickers, chocolate buttons and an age-appropriate book.

More Peppa Pig Party Ideas 

If you’ve got more time, money or oomph, then there are hundreds of Peppa Pig party ideas over on Pinterest. Some of which can be found on my dedicated board here. From Muddy Milkshakes, Piggy Cupcakes, Muddy Table Centre Pieces to Sweetie Tables and Cake Pops! There are so many brilliant DIY party ideas that you can do on a budget.

What children’s party themes have you been loving lately?

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    I love a good party to organise! This looks fab well done you!

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