The Alternative Summer Holiday Plan…

With the first week of the summer holidays done,  I’ve achieved sod all on my Let’s Have An Amazing Summer Plan. A plan of which I’d only dreamed up whilst in the shower last Sunday night. It involved exciting crafts and daily learning activities. Gorgeous trips to parks, farms and the seaside. Endless fun and happy days out with friends and family…blah, blah, blah.

So I woke up on Monday feeling all sprightly and positive about the summer holidays. After all, I had a plan. What could go wrong?

Having a plan is exactly where I went wrong.

By the end of the day, it became quickly apparent that my vision of an idyllic summer of adventures with my tiny humans wasn’t exactly a realistic one. A miserable trip to Asda, one very short visit to the Lavender Fields, a baby with an ear infection and a toddler morphing into Kevin the Teenager,  has meant that I’ve now binned my imaginary plan and re-written an entirely new one.

The Alternative Summer Holiday Plan 

Try not to run Aldi dry of its £10.00 bottles of gin. I think this might be my toughest one yet. I’m not making any promises, but I’m going to give it a go.

Be Present. It’s not rocket science that kids love attention, particularly when they are of the Diva variety. But I’m going to try my hardest to be present for a little part of each day. No phone, no chores, just me and them.

To Not Lose Billie. Now this will be a tricky one. The kid just disappears. She’s well happy just mooching off by herself these days. She’s so diddy, she’ll just slot herself into the smallest gap. Where she inevitably gets stuck and will just hang out there yelping until I come looking for her.

Plan less. I’m a control freak and a planner. I don’t cope well with last minute change of plans and I cope even less well when things don’t go to plan. So I’m going to try and breathe. Lower my expectations and try and enjoy the spontaneous moments. However, shite they might turn out to be.

Refrain From Swearing. As much as I try and not swear in front of the small humans. It’s really hard to keep my cool with the ridiculous amount of flies who have been terrorising our home in the heat. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Billie’s first proper word this summer turns out to be “Fuck Off“. Now that would be an epic parenting fail.

Make fun of the everyday moments. Life is unpredictable enough with babies without throwing in the added pressure of having fun. Bath times, washing up, unpacking shopping, tidying up, getting ready…all the kind of stuff that you need an abundance of patience for, I’m going to try and appreciate a little more. It’s not all about the big days out, there are a million little moments that are probably more enjoyable together than you take credit for because they are the everyday moments.

Don’t Google Boarding Schools. There’s no point, we can’t afford a childminder let alone boarding school fees. Ugh.

Keep It Simple. There are a ton of ideas over on Pinterest for entertaining little humans. Most of which you have already in your home or are fairly cheap to source. I’m going to try out a few activities from my Pre-School Activity board over on Pinterest, which I’ll share more of over the next week or so…that’s if I can be arsed have time.

Don’t Feel Guilty. Whatever you are doing, it’s more than enough for your babies. They don’t know any different. They don’t scroll through Instagram (yet) and see that everyone else is seemingly living their best life in Disney Land, at festivals and are on amazing holidays.  So as hard as it is, I’m going to try to not to be well jel over what everyone else is doing this summer.

Remember it. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. I’m going to document it. Either over on Instagram, or actually make a scrapbook of some kind. I’d like to remember the summer when I had the sweetest little baby running around like a whippet, getting stuck in small spaces. And a threenager who could be the most adorable little girl one second the devil’s spawn the next lobbing objects at my head and screaming that she doesn’t want to talk to me ever again! I want to remember it all.

Try Not To Sweat The Small Stuff. Which is pretty hard to do when we’re currently experiencing a ridiculous heat wave and you’re sweating in every which way possible. But I’ve realised this week that I need to take a breather a little more. If they only eat ice cream for dinner, so be it. If a trip to the Lavender Fields was a disaster, it’s a memory. Take each day as it comes. To relax a little more and to accept that there are just some things I can’t control…and those things, there’s always Aldi’s Gin.

What are your summer goals? 

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