7 Things | That Still Baffle Me About Becoming A Parent

From the moment we found out that we were expecting our first baby, everything changed. I changed. We changed. Life just changed.

As much as I’ve tried to cling on to certain aspects of the old life, there really is no denying that absolutely nothing is like it was before we became parents.

Some people take to it like a duck to water. Embracing the change, the chaos and soaking up every manic moment with ease. Whereas the rest of us drink copious amounts Aldi’s finest Gin, scream and sweat, a lot. We can be found occasionally rocking in corners of our kitchens eating lumps of mozzarella for comfort. We also really, really, enjoy that moment when you’ve strapped everyone in their car seats and wish that you had a deck chair in the car that you could pull out and take a five-minute break whilst everyone is secure and safe and out of earshot.

Learning how to manage this unpredictable new life as parents, can all be a little overwhelming at times. A lot has changed since I wrote this post on becoming a parent. Yet, almost three years later, there will still be at least one moment during every single day when I am baffled as to how bonkers my life is now.

So for my fellow Gin dependant, sweaty, knackered Mumma’s, this one is for you.

7 Things | That Still Baffle Me About Becoming A Parent

Clear The Decks

“I’m not changing anything. They’ll just have to learn not to touch anything that they shouldn’t…”

Is what I used to say pre-babies. I told myself that my offsprings would listen to my strict rules and instructions. That our home would stay intact and that it wouldn’t be destroyed by my small humans.

Hahaha. Haha. Ha.

I look around our house now (when it’s tidy) and wonder if it will ever look like we’re planning to unpack our personal possessions. Our bedside tables are bare. There are no photos or fancy decor, candles, photos and memorabilia out in arms reach because they destroy everything.

Unless you want it trashed, broken, hidden, licked, swallowed, squashed, moved, chucked or bitten, then hide it. Anything that can be moved, will be moved and there’s no promising it will be returned in one piece by the end of the day.

You Never Finish A Conversation

Either with your partner, friends, family, or the postman. You never get to finish a conversation about anything with anyone without being interrupted by a small person in demand. My fellow Mummy friends and I have all perfected the art of speed talking to allow each one ample time to blurt out everything we want to discuss in a small window of opportunity before someone inevitably kicks off.

Their Supersonic Speed to Destroy

How is it that small humans have the supersonic powers to create as much destruction and devastation as humanly possible in a matter of nanoseconds? But you ask them to do the simplest of things, such as come and change that pooey nappy that’s leaking from the sides or ask them nicely to brush their teeth? Well, it would be quicker to try and catch a fish and get that dressed and ready for the day ahead.

Elsie can wreck the side of our brand new bath with a foot file in under 30 seconds. However getting her ready can take up to thirty minutes depending on how many excuses she muster up to ignore me.

You Forget You

Being last on the list is probably the first thing you lose when becoming a parent. There’s no time to question it, it just happens. Sometimes it takes a while to realise just how much you’ve forgotten yourself or how little time you spend doing something for you.

Since becoming a Mumma, I’ve given up so many little moments of self-care. My book club, reading, nice nails, exercise, writing, shopping, socialising. All those things that I used to love and that made me happy. It’s taken almost three years to realise just how important it is to put yourself first every once in a while.


Ah, the logistics of life take on a whole new ball game when small humans are involved. Getting them safely to the car then out again at the other end. Knowing what to do with everyone and ensuring they are safe whilst you try and run upstairs to fetch something. It’s the everyday simple tasks that take as much thought and planning as I imagine goes into a Royal Wedding. It’s exhausting.

Who’s The Boss?

Mumma, when can I be the boss?
When you move out.
OK, Mumma…when can I move out? 

All the rules, routines and threats you try to instal, those tiny dictators still, and will forever, rule the roost. If they don’t want to sleep, they ain’t sleeping. Spent an hour cooking that healthy meal, all whilst they were screaming that they were hungry, they then don’t want anything. All of that time spent reading about routines and what they should be doing/having/eating and as soon as they can voice their opinions, it all goes to pot. Before you know they are telling you what they are wearing, what they like, or more often what they don’t like. It’s great fun.

Nothing Else Matters 

Jokes aside, there’s nothing quite like becoming a parent to put life into perspective. As much as your world has been turned upside down and on a daily basis you are still baffled by the whirlwind of messy wonderful that you find yourself engulfed in. All that matters is that your tiny humans are safe, healthy, happy and loved. The things that once bothered you, don’t seem to bother you in the same way anymore. The love you have for those small people is beyond anything you could have ever imagined and your life has forever taken on a whole new, magical, meaning. It doesn’t mean that we can’t still moan about it all every so often though does it. That’s all part of the fun.

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