Feeling The Drama with Sky Witness

A few weeks ago, Sky Living re-launched as Sky Witness and we were lucky enough to take part in their exciting launch campaign. It was all really fun and very secret service.

You’ve been selected. To unlock, await further instructions. 

The campaign kicked off with a very snazzy black suitcase accompanied by an envelope arriving at our front door. The suitcase was locked and inside the envelope read a note saying, “You’ve been selected. To unlock, await further instructions.” So we waited.

Crack The Code  

A few hours later another courier knocked on the door. This time with an envelope which contained a small Nokia mobile phone and a note saying “To unlock your case, turn the phone on and read the message.” For someone whose daily excitement usually involves gin, a clean floor and potentially being able to wash my hair, this was all too much.

Congratulations Witness. Stage One is complete. Turn off the phone as you could be tracked…


We then had to wait two days to receive further instructions. With the mysterious swanky suitcase sat teasing us from the corner of the room.

Are you ready to crack the code? To unlock your case, reply to this message with WITNESS…

Finally, Monday came and typical of Mum life, I didn’t have a spare moment to complete Stage Two until about 10 pm that night. But it was totally worth the wait. With code retrieved I opened up the suitcase to find it bursting with the most gorgeous, thoughtful gifts all relating to a load of exciting new shows that are launching on the channel this autumn.

Feel The Drama

There was a gorgeous personalised notebook and dressing gown from Soho House. A cosy blanket and a coffee filter. A beautiful lipstick from Christian Louboutin and a large candle from Diptyque. They were such thoughtful, generous gifts, that I still can’t actually believe that they were sent to little old me.

Get Caught Looking

Sky Witness will still be showing all of the same amazing hit US dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, but it’s adding a really cool line up of heart-racing new dramas to keep us hooked this autumn.

We’ve also been sent exclusive access to previews of four new shows airing on the new look Sky Witness: For The People, 9-1-1, Instinct and The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair.

Whilst watching television is still a bit of a luxury for us, (as is shaving my legs, getting four hours sleep and being able to put on make-up before I leave the house) I have managed to watch a few previous episodes of a couple of the new dramas.

9-1-1 What’s Your Emergency? 

Anything with Connie Britton in has my vote, (Nashville was never the same after she went was it?)  Within twenty minutes of watching the first episode my heart was racing. The incidents in each episode are fast-paced, extreme and believable. There is no predicting how it’s going to turn out for anyone involved.

In between all the call-out chaos, the main characters are all likeable in a pinch of salt kind of way and I can’t wait to catch up from where I’m up to in the series already when it airs. There’s an abundance of cheese and a whole lot of cringe involved, which us Brit’s like to eye roll over, but there’s no denying that 9-1-1 has everything you’d hope for from an emergency services based drama.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Mc Dreamy is back in a ten-part adaptation of Joel Dicker’s best-selling novel. This drama follows the story of a literary icon accused of murdering a 15-year-old girl. Three episodes in and I am hooked. It’s a modern-day Lolita with a gruesome twist and you’re not sure who to trust or who to believe. Dempsey is just a great mix of brilliant and creepy. Now if only my little humans would blooming sleep and I could binge the rest of my previews to this series because it is really good.

You can see more about our #SkyWitness experience over on my Instagram Story Highlights.

Thank you so much to Sky Witness for including us in the very exciting campaign and for treating us to these amazing gifts. 

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