Why I’m Going To Stop Worrying About Numbers

I’ve never been very good with numbers.

Maths was never my strong point at school. Or anywhere else for that matter. “Katie, you and your attitude!” Mr Maths teacher yelled at me once a few weeks before our Mock GCSE’s. I, of course, argued with him because I thought that I had a very good attitude actually. He then continued to spit feathers and sent me out of his classroom for apparently proving his point.


It’s not that I don’t get numbers, it’s just that I’d rather think about other things. I can’t remember my time’s tables, but I could list every argument the Hubster and I have ever had, and the reasons why I’ve always been right. But as much as numbers and I don’t get along, there’s really no escaping them.

Even when I decided that I wanted to train to become a drama teacher in my late twenties, I had to re-take my blooming Math’s GCSE. I worked my butt off pretty much every day for a year to get that C grade to pass and be accepted into the training programme. Something of which my attitude and I are very proud of indeed.

So when I started my blog I didn’t for one moment consider that numbers would play a huge part in how the success of it would be measured and that my issue with numbers has come back to haunt me yet again.

So You’re An Influencer? 

A few weeks ago I plucked up the courage again to attend a press day event all by myself. I’m on a mission this year to rebuild my confidence and that ain’t going to happen from the comfort of my home. But with a tummy full of flutterbies, I headed into London, found the event location, no thanks to my inability to follow Google Maps, and entered the building. I approached the receptionist and tried to shove off the imposter feeling that was already niggling away at me…

What’s your name?
Katie Albury 

The Enchanting Blog

The Enchanted Blog?
Erm, no, Enchanting…

So you’re an influencer?
Erm, I suppose so…I’m a blogger…

How many Instagram followers do you have?
Er, I’m not sure…

You’re not sure?
Erm…about one and a half…

One and a half?
Thousand…one and a half thousand. 

Which was a little fib.

I felt as if I was underage trying to get into a very cool club without any fake ID or older mates as back up. I know exactly how many Instagram followers I’ve got as it’s something I glance over approximately thirty times a day. I’ve got, at this moment in time, 1,369 Instagram followers.

“OK great. Here’s your pass, have a good afternoon” the receptionist said as she handed me a pass which said my name, blog and in large, bold letters: “MICRO-INFLUENCER”.

My heart sank just a little.

Five years of building something that I’m really proud of calling my own. Something that it a really huge part of my life and here I was being labelled as something small.

I scarpered in search of the loos and considered going home. When you already felt like an imposter, here I was with a bright pink lanyard around my neck telling the world that I was micro in the world of blogging.

It’s All About Numbers

A lot has changed in the blogging world since I published my first post almost five years ago. Back then it felt more about your writing than numbers. OK, so there was always an element of DAs (Domain Authority) and analytics (I still don’t understand them) to consider. But now it’s all about numbers. Or more specific, the number of followers that one has across their social media channels.

It’s a popularity contest. How many friends you’ve got and how many people you’ve got liking this and loving that. It’s all part of the fun but in the same instance, it can kind of take all of the fun out of creating and writing content.

Of course, I appreciate that in order to work with brands or to make money from anything, there needs to be an element of numbers involved. Investment, so to speak. But I’ve always thought known that I’ve been worth investing in.

It’s All A little Bit Sad

Over the past year, I’ve found myself becoming more and more consumed with the numbers aspect of blogging. Whilst others seem to be gaining more and more followers, I’ve got into a really bad habit of obsessively checking my Instagram account. To see how many likes a post has received or to see if I’ve attracted any new followers to boost my following number. Always worrying about numbers and in turn feeling as if I’m being left behind in the world of blogging and at times it’s made me feel really sad.

Followers, unfollows, views, click-throughs, impressions, organic searches, monthly views, daily views, likes, comments, dislikes, subscriptions, numbers, schumbers. The mind boggles. The focus on numbers can really fog over creating engaging, fun and relatable content for the people who love what you do.

I’m Katie and I’m A Micro-Influencer 

Back to sitting in that loo. I had two options.

Whimp out and go back home. Or get out there and be blooming proud of not only my blog but of me.

I chose the latter and I’m really pleased that I did. I had one of the loveliest days talking to anyone who would listen and really felt that I was finding myself again.

I’m 34 years old. I’ve had a ton of jobs but nothing compares to the buzz I get from writing, creating and meeting like-minded people both online and in real life. I’m really proud of what I do and everything I’ve achieved over the last five years. I’ve met some amazing people and my blog has given me so many great opportunities that I never would have experienced had I never decided to bare my soul on the internet that September in 2013. I have a good engagement with my readers and I am so chuffed that there are some amazing brands who do want to work with me, as a mico-influencer, because they believe that we are worth the investment.

So from now on, I’m going to make a conscious effort to forget about the numbers.

I may not have a “big” following. I might not have the “numbers’ for some campaigns, but the people who read and support my blog aren’t numbers. They are my readers and I value each and every single one of you. It’s you who I’m writing to and it’s you whose support I appreciate and cherish. It is each and every one of you who make this blog possible and who encourage me in every word that I write.

See Mr Maths teacher, my attitude and I are doing just fine.

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