Frozen Fever…Elsie’s 3rd Birthday Party

At the end of the summer, we celebrated Elsie’s Queen Elsa’s 3rd Birthday.

If you call her Elsie at the moment, she gets really cross and corrects you. She’s also into her third week of wearing her Queen Elsa dress every single day, so she’s taking her new role very seriously. It’s saving me a lot of washing and arguments as to what she’s going to wear, so long may this phase continue!

So seeing as our daughter is a tad obsessed with Frozen at the moment, it was the obvious choice for the theme for her birthday party, which I was super excited to start planning.

My favourite part when it comes to planning parties is the make-believe mood board part. Birthday parties are so expensive and so when I start planning I love scouring Pinterest and putting together an if-there-was-a-ridiculous-budget-board before giving myself a wake-up call and scaling it all right back. I usually then spend hours bouncing around Amazon and eBay and contemplating how much I can be really arsed to take on as DIY projects, which is as little as possible. I then throw it all together and hope that we’ve got something close to what my Pinterest board reflects, but on a smaller, more realistic budget.

Elsie’s 3rd Frozen Birthday Party

We kept things relatively simple, but of course, special and I tried very hard not to go overboard on the budget.

As with every birthday celebration for a Queen, the whole thing last several days and with more than one cake. We had a family get together at my parent’s house on her actual birthday and then we hired a hall around the corner from where we live for a little party with our friends a week later. I’m really hoping that we have a garden to use next year, which would give us the space to entertain here rather than spend out on hall hire fees. She says now, but will probably change my mind once I’ve had twenty kids traipsing and screaming through my house with sticky fingers. Ugh.

The hall was perfect and a good size enough for a Frozen Bouncy Castle. I put together Frozen themed party bags, games, decor and of course, the Frozen movie soundtrack on repeat for two hours! Needless to say, Elsie absolutely loved everything. So much so she keeps asking if it can be her Frozen birthday again, which makes all the time, effort and money totally worth it.

I’ve listed below the links to some of the items and if you’re looking for more Frozen themed ideas and inspiration then head over to my Frozen Party Pinterest Board.

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