7 Things | I’m Doing To Stay Motivated This January…

There’s no denying that January can be a bit Ugh. It is always tough to stay motivated throughout the month of Janauary isn’t it.

Aside from the miserable weather and post-Christmas limbo where you don’t know what day of the week it is…it’s Friday, right? Or those out-of-date mince pies and a box of Celebrations that are still lurking around to be finished off or thrown out. (as if) But take all that away and it could actually be just like any other month of the year.

So why does January have to so glum?

I’ll be honest, I’ve had just as miserable periods throughout the summer months than I have done in January. Mostly when I’m sweating hot and can’t find any summer clothes to fit me. Ugh. Or when we’re worried about money for the bills, let alone a holiday. So why should January be dubbed the month of glum?

Even from a really young age I remember my family taking a dislike to January. We’d all have to go on diets. Joy. The house would seem bare. Money was always tighter. The days seemed to be so long and gloomy. Somehow, we were all swallowed up into a gloop of gloom, where no one smiled until the 1st February when we’d finally made it through, hurrah!

How I Stay Motivated In January 

So when I moved out with the Hubster, a few years back now, I made a vow for our January’s to be just like any other month of the year. With the same consistency of trying to enjoy every day and make the normal seem just a little bit special… and it works.

For the last seven years, I’ve never dreaded a January. I look forward to this month as a fresh start. It’s a month to make plans. A time to get organised and clear the mind so that we can enjoy our home and our time together more. So I thought I’d put together a post on all of the things I’m going to do to beat the blues and stay motivated this January.


This was one disastrous country walk…she’s only smiling as chocolate was promised!

7 Things | I’m Doing To Stay Motivated This January 

Avoid Negativity

These days it’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of comparison, envy and jealousy from the very palm of your hand. Which isn’t helpful when you might already be feeling a little fragile or low on funds and confidence about your life.

It’s OK to hit that unfollow for a while if following a bazillion A-Listers sunning it up in the Maldives over New Year is tipping you over the edge. It’s absolutely fine to delete those apps from your phone for a while just until you’re out of this funk. Avoid anything and everything that isn’t making you feel inspired or positive. Simples.

Embrace Positivity

We are the controllers of our own mindset. Find people that make you feel motivated this January and who make you smile. Whether it be through a social media app, a television show or in real life. (What’s that?) Embrace all the things that give you a boost.

I’m currently really into any new organising tips so have been scouring Pinterest for home and life organising hacks. Following people like This Girl Can Organise over on Instagram for daily tips. I love positive, funny, and honest Mummas too over on IG, so I check in with Emily Norris, Alice from More Than Toast, Liv from Ultimate Girl Gang, Hollie from Hol_at_home and Martha from Mathashappilyeverafter on Instagram daily. They make me laugh, smile or boost my mood and my mind every single day.

Elsie refused to get out the buggy. Billie refused to come away from the stairs. Joyful.

Clearing out emails

It’s such a simple task but I find clearing out my emails is a bit like going through a mountain of unopened post. I organise folders with subcategories and delete everything that I don’t need. It clears the mind and sets the way for a brand new year for mostly junk mail and invoices to clog up your inbox.

Having a Sort Out

This is something I started back in November in preparation for the Christmas overhaul over stuff to enter our home. But there are still a few areas I’ve been sorting or aim to throughout January. A tidy home gives me a tidy mind so this is definitely one of my biggest tasks throughout this month to keep me feeling motivated.

Plan Ahead

Book a dinner date or a coffee morning with friends. Arrange a date night or a weekend away with family. Plan an adventure or a fun day out locally. Pencil in a drive down by the coast for some fresh air or lunch with family to catch up. Putting something in the diary that gives you something to look forward to, work towards and stay motivated this January.

Clearing the cobwebs…and freezing our butts off by the sea!

Get Out More

We’re not outdoorsy people. I’ve tried many a time to get the girls to enjoy long walks. However, these outings always end up with 2/3 of us crying at some point with more mud caked on us than we’ve left behind and with someone always asking to go home.

But the fresh air does blow away those cobwebs, especially at this time of year. So even though we don’t enjoy it, I’m making a conscious effort to get us out of the house more so that it makes coming home and getting cosy that little bit more special. Plus there’s still those Celebrations to finish up and they go perfectly with a post-miserable-walk- cup of tea.

Doing Something For Yourself

Juggling life always leaves little time for us parents to focus on ourselves. However, staying motivated this month will be made a whole lot easier if I’m feeling a little better about myself. So I’ve started a few simple things to give me that extra boost.

I’ve finally picked up an easy-read chick flick that’s been collecting dust on my shelf for a few years now and started to read that before bed instead of scrolling on my phone. I’m making a conscious effort to double cleanse and moisturise my face before bed properly. It’s already making such a difference to my skin, which I’m hoping will improve my confidence a little too.

As much as I’d love to join a gym or an exercise class, it’s just not possible financially right now. So instead I’m going to use YouTube and a couple of fitness DVD’s to get my butt moving this year. Not just January, this year.

All of these things are simple and small but will make a huge difference. By introducing a few changes to ensure that we approach January in a healthier, happier light, as a family. One day when the girls are older they too will see this month just as any other month of the year.

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  1. Aimee
    January 12, 2019 / 7:01 pm

    Lovely post Hun but you forgot the most important thing about January…it’s my Birthday month, Lol

    • katie
      January 14, 2019 / 1:20 pm

      Oh, sweets! I actually had a bit in there originally about your birthday but it got edited out…which makes that sound worst now doesn’t it?! Haha! Love you xx

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