Big Changes & Fresh Starts For 2019

2018 Instagram Highlights

A new nursery for Elsie. A childminder for Billie. A new business for the Hubster. My parents (my lifeline) moved to a new home down by the coast. Our first family holiday. A new name and rebrand for my blog. Our big girl turned three and our baby girl turned one.

I handed in my notice as a Nanny and took on the unpredictable path of trying to work for myself whilst juggling two small babies, our home and life all at the same time.

So I think last year will be remembered as the year we made some big changes for our little family.

It was crazy busy, but amongst all the changes and the stresses of adjusting, we finally started to settle into our new roles and our new home. Which I suppose technically isn’t new anymore, but it still feels new and exciting as the Hubster continues to spend all of his spare time working on it. Love him.

The Renovation Project Continues

We’ve at long last got the downstairs toilet fitted. Yippee! Which now means that I don’t have to run up the stairs almost peeing myself whilst the Diva’s scuttle up behind me like little velcro bunnies afraid of missing out on Mummy have a very desperate wee. They still follow me and watch my every move, but it’s so much easier on the bladder and just life in general. Who knew a downstairs loo could be so life-changing? I love it.

I finally managed to finish unpacking too.

Nope, unpacking not from our holiday. Since moving in…eek!

It only took a year a two months after we moved in. I got to spend a whole day baby free in the loft. A fabulous six glorious child-free hours spent in a disgustingly dusty loft with a bunch of dopey wasps kicking about up there begging to die. Sifting through and lugging about a bazillion heavy boxes filled with stuff from our previous life. Most of which couldn’t be left out now unless we wanted it lobbed about or destroyed. It was joyful but needed to be done. So, at last, we can officially say that we’re unpacked. Whoop Whoop.

Our house renovation project is something that I hope to share more of over the next year both on here and on social media. The whole renovation was a really stressful time for us, but I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so I really want to document it more. I’ve set up my home related account @beyondtiredbloghome over on Instagram if you fancy keeping up to date there.

Reconnecting As A Family

We consciously made the decision to make some big changes this year in order to make life work better for our family.

I was solo parenting a lot and it just wasn’t working out for us. Especially as I still needed to work to help support our little family. So I’m hoping this year our new venture with Surrey Sweep will continue to work well for us all.

My favourite part of 2018 has to be our first family holiday. We’d gone so long without a holiday that it always seemed like a luxury and not a necessity. Now of course it is a luxury and one we haven’t been in a position to do for some time. But it became apparent from day one of our break away together, that time focused simply on us is so important. It bought us closer together and has shaped the way we continue to communicate and respect one another as a family unit. So saving for another holiday is most definitely one of our main goals for the new year.

A New Year & A Fresh Start

As always, I’ve got so many plans, ideas and more realistically, dreams for this blog and my little business. Some of which may come into fruition. Most of which will simply come alive in my head when I’m folding washing or in the shower. Either way, I’m going to try and write more and be more blogger this year.

I don’t really believe in resolutions. We can choose to make changes at any time of the year, or the day of the week. But I do love a fresh start and goals to aim towards.

As year’s go 2018 was good to us in so many ways. So for 2019, I’d just like more of the same, please. Our health, happiness and a whole lot of fun and laughter will see us through quite nicely. Oh and some more sleep too would be good. But then we’ve been asking for more sleep since 2015 and we still haven’t got that one so I’m not holding my breath.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have supported my blog and my little family throughout the last year. As cheesy as it sounds, every like, comment, message and share really is appreciated and it makes this Mummy very happy.

Looking forward to sharing lots more from the Diva’s this coming year. Here’s hoping they continue providing me with more hilarious tantrums and toilet seats stuck on heads for the foreseeable future.

Wishing you all a very fabulously Happy New Year x

Photographs by the wonderful Valentine from The Chronicles Of…Photography. She is absolutely amazing, so talented and has been capturing our family since I was pregnant with Elsie Belle.

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