Are We Approaching The Purple Patch of Parenting?

Don’t wish it away.

Those are the words usually come from parents who are way-way past the really early days of parenthood, where hindsight is a wonderful thing.

We don’t want to ever really want to wish anything of this away. But it’s hard not too when you’re in the thick of a sleep-deprived fog. Particularly in those early years, when you have more than one small baby who demands everything you and more.

I don’t wish it away anymore, but for a long time, I did.

I think it’s OK to admit this. It’s not a sign of failure or weakness, but strength, because although it was hard, I did it. We all made it through with only minor scars of sleepless deprived breakdowns. Gloomy memories of crappy days feeling trapped and isolated. All phases and days that I’m so relieved to see the back of at long last.

Life with Two Under Two’s is Hard

I was drowning for a really long time. It had absolutely nothing to do with PND, but everything to do with the fact that having two small babies to look after is bloody hard.

I never imagined that life would get easier. Too busy keeping everything going and constantly putting pressure on myself to be better, to do better. I’d always hope that life would become easier, but I could never really see it happening in the midst of juggling crying babies and tending to their needs.

OK, so it’s not all skipping in the park and picturesque scenes of contented happy families, all of the time. There’s still the bonkers mess that they can create in nanoseconds. The shite balls sleeping issues, the meltdowns over random crap and the tantrums over getting dressed in the mornings all aren’t ideal, but they are manageable.

We’ve Turned A Corner

I’m enjoying life and this role so much more than I ever have and I’m so much happier. What’s even better than that, is that I think they are too. 

Last night, sitting snuggled in bed with my girls, the simplist, yet loveliest things happened which made me realise just how much everything has changed.

Billie kept asking me, “why sad?” whilst watching Frozen Adventure pointing to Olaf. “He’s sad because he’s lost of the traditions he’d been collecting for Anna and Elsa…” I must have given her about twenty different variations until she was satisfied with my answer. Watching her face learning to communicate made my heart melt. Then later I sat with Elsie whilst she read back to me the story of Beauty and the Beast in her own words, I cried a little, but they were happy tears.

The Purple Patch of Parenting

Everything has changed. I’ve changed. We’re in a different place now and I couldn’t be more relieved and more content with them and us. We have made it way past those two under two days and I’m excited to start enjoying this parenting journey so much more now.

A lovely lady on Instagram today referred to it as the “Purple Patch of Parenting” where no one is nappies and they aren’t yet teenagers and it made me smile. By giving this new phase a name, it made my feelings seem all the more credible.

I think I’m going to enjoy the Purple Patch very much. Very much indeed.

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