Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids

As much as I’m not a fan of the mess it creates, I do quite like a craft activity.

In my experience, the best age to do craft activities with children is from six upwards. Any younger and you may as well tip the craft box upside down yourself, spin around the room squirting paint just for good measure, then spend the rest of the day cleaning it all up. It will probably be less painful than watching your little people causing mayhem for 3 minutes, before getting bored and running in different directions taking their sticky, paint covered fingers off to spread the mess throughout the house.

Why do we do bother?

Deep down we all secretly love those crappy, random pieces of artwork that our babies create with their beautiful little hands, so the mess is a small price to pay.

Doing some sort of creative activity at home together not only eases that Mum Guilt that your child has spent a considerable amount of their day entire watching Shimmer & Shine, but their messy, I-have-no-idea-what-it-is-but-I-love-it creations make you oh so proud.

Whilst we continue to reach for the craft box, even though it pains us to do it, Valentine’s, I think, is the least painful of occasions to make a little effort with activities. (Easter is all about the chocolate and Christmas usually involves a shedload of glitter…Argh!)

So here is a roundup of some really cute Valentine’s Day activities that I’ve found that suit a range of ages, and of course one’s tolerance for mess. What doesn’t say “I Love You” more than giving your little people free rein with a paint pallet hey?

Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids

  1. DIY Heart Stamping
  2. Heart Caterpillars
  3. Butterfly Lollipops
  4. Heart Cards with Springy Arms & Legs
  5. Bee Mine Cards
  6. Love Bug Oreo Cookies
  7. Mini Heart Pizzas
  8. Rubber Heart Printing
  9. Hippo Heart Cards
  10. Heart Wreaths
  11. Valentine’s Heart Bouquet
  12. Heart Fish Cards

What activities will you be trying out this Valentine’s Day?

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