5 Ways To Organise Kid’s Wardrobes

Elsie's wardrobe after decluttering so much more tidy and organised

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to start decluttering and organising the girl’s wardrobes, ready for the long-awaited change in season.

It’s one of those tasks that as parents we tend to put off for as long as possible. Until you realise that your child starts to resemble a style that looks like they’ve raided the lost property box. Elsie has been walking around for a while now with leggings and tops on that are about three inches too short. Whilst poor Billie was still squeezing into clothes sizes 9-12 months when she’s almost two years old. Oops. So it was definitely time to start sorting their clothes out.

The whole process probably took around two hours as it was quite a big task. Especially Billie’s wardrobe as it hadn’t really been sorted since we moved in. She was four months old at the time. So it was a long over-due task, but I’m so pleased with the results.

Since taking my Organising & Decluttering skills to the next level, I’m really enjoying planning out ways in which I can store our things in a more efficient, tidy and organised way. It’s helping to keep our busy home in order better. Which in turn is having a positive effect on how well I juggle our life.

So if anyone is in need of some inspiration before tackling those Narnia-like closets, here’s how I’ve organised the girls’ wardrobes.

If you’re looking for tips on how best to start decluttering, then head over and read 5 Steps To Organising Kid’s Clothes Drawers later.

Before and after image of Elsie's wardrobe. From messy and chaotic to clean, organised and tidy.

5 Ways To Organise Kid’s Wardrobes

Section Everything

Organise each item into category order. Then use dividers or boxes to keep everything contained and tidy. This not only helps you to see what clothes the kids currently have or they might need, but it also eases the never-ending chore of putting clothes away too. Everything has a place.

Children can also access their own clothes easier, well, we can hope. Without having to pull apart piles and piles of clothes to in search of what they are looking for too. It can also encourage their independence to search for specific items all by themselves.

I’ve used some fabric storage boxes from B&Q and the SKUBB storage boxes from Ikea.

Hanging Shoe Storage Bags

I saw this genius idea on one of Kate Murnane’s vlog a while ago. She used hanging storage bags to store outfits for her boys, which is a great idea if you’re short on time in the mornings before work and nursery drop off’s.

However, with a three-year-old who insists on choosing her own outfits, this time-saving tip would only cause more drama in our household. So instead I’ve opted to use it to store out of season shoes. It not only allows me to see what shoes and sizes the girls currently have, but it also frees up some space downstairs in the hallway. Bonus.

I ordered our pink hanging storage bags from Amazon.

Keep, Store, Donate

If you’ve allocated the time to start this job, really go for it.

Take out anything they aren’t wearing or that you aren’t keen on. Then either store it away for siblings or friends or donate it.

I’d been keeping so many things that Elsie just wasn’t going to wear. So they were only taking up space. Plus giving me more work to do when having to tidy up her clothes. I was also really firm when sorting her clothes that were now too small for her to keep for Billie. I didn’t keep anything that I didn’t particularly like or that perhaps wouldn’t suit her little sister as much.

Colour Coding

Not only does colour coding your clothes make everything look more presentable, but it’s also a great time saver when looking for children’s outfits. Before, I would always be frantically looking for specific colour leggings or tops. Pulling piles apart in the process, which I’d then have to tidy again later.

Having her clothes colour coded also really helps Elsie to dress more independently. Seeing what colours and styles she prefers as well as encouraging her to take pride in her clothes. They all cost money and I spend a lot of time washing, ironing and folding them. So it’s something I’m keen for her to understand and appreciate in the long term.

Before and after image of Billie's wardrobe. From messy and chaotic to clean, organised and tidy.

Size Dividers

Using size dividers is a really handy tip, especially when sorting baby clothes. I used our dividers for both of the girls when they are babies. It was a great way to ensure that you didn’t forget about new outfits before they grew out of them. They were also a great time saver being able to grab the correct size for your baby before they got too grumpy waiting for you to dress them.

I picked up our dividers from Etsy years ago, but Amazon also has a great selection too.

What areas of your home are you decluttering at the moment?

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