10 Ways To Plan A Stress Free​ Wedding

10 Ways to Plan A Stress Free Wedding: Katie as a bride on her wedding day standing at the alter looking at the Hubster. 10 Ways to Plan A Stress Free Wedding

Last week was our six year wedding anniversary.

Planning our wedding and the day itself feels like it was only yesterday. Even though I feel as if I’ve aged about thirty years since that day.

Having previously been a wedding planner, I was beyond excited to now be planning our own special day. But I felt that the pressure was really on to make it a day to remember for everyone involved. Within nine months of my now Hubster getting down on one knee, I’d planned a three-day wedding extravaganza down in Hampshire for 120 of our closest friends and family. 

Our wedding was everything I dreamed it would be, but it was also one of the most stressful experiences of my life.


I had put so much pressure on myself to make it so perfect. So when little things, out of my control, started to slip up, I kind of lost of the plot. I became Stressed-zilla and this is the part that I remember the most. I would, of course, do the day over again, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to plan it again.

The irony here is that people had paid me to take their stresses away throughout their wedding planning experience. Then here I was the day before our wedding day with a stress induced rash covering my upper body and not speaking to my fiance because he’d told me chill out and stop acting like we were going to a funeral, not our own wedding!

Annoyingly, he kind of had a point, (but we won’t tell him that!) I did need to chill out and remember what was important. Which is why I’ve put together this post for anyone in the midst of wedding planning. A little lesson learned, from me to you, 10 Ways To Plan a Stress-Free Wedding.

10 Ways to Plan A Stress Free Wedding: Katie and Jack as newlyweds cutting their wedding cake

10 Ways To Plan A Stress-Free Wedding

Be Realistic About Budgets

This is the best place to start when planning your wedding. Nothing will put a dampener on your big day more than arguing about the cost of it. So it’s best to have a clear and sensible plan as to how much you can afford to put towards this one (very special) day in your lives.

Make a spreadsheet and keep tabs of what is spent to help keep on track of the budget. Guides For Brides recently did a feature on the True Cost of Weddings in the UK which might be of use when planning your wedding day budget.

Be Honest

Do you both share the same vision for your wedding day? Are you both comfortable with spending a substantial amount of money to cater for 200 people for one day? Or would you rather keep it simple, subtle and intimate? It’s so important that you are on the same page for the vision, size and cost of your big day, otherwise, this will only cause tension along the line.

Create Wedding Planning Mood Boards

Most of us have a vision of our wedding day from the moment you say I DO. So to keep on track of that vision and to keep within your realistic budget, put together a mood board or wedding planning journal with your ideas.

There’s a big difference between ideas that catch your eye in glossy wedding magazines to the cost of bringing them to life. So putting together a mood board is a fun way to collate ideas and then research them properly to make them work for your day and budget.

Ask For Recommendations

Approach friends and family for wedding industry suppliers. This takes a lot of stress out of wedding planning when you have peace of mind that suppliers have come recommended. It gives you an ice breaker and trust in the supplier to provide you with the same level of service.

Embrace The Experience

You’re only going to do this once, (you hope) so try to embrace the experience. Visit wedding fairs and exhibitions. Book appointments to try on wedding gowns, create a Pinterest board for inspiration and buy wedding magazines to really embrace the wedding planning experience.

A Wedding Planning Journal

Treat yourself to a wedding planning journal. Paperchase has a gorgeous selection. It’s such a calming and fun way to document your wedding planning experience and it’s so lovely to look back on in a few years and remember this time of excitement and anticipation before the big day.

Try To Have Fun

It sounds so simple, but try to enjoy and have fun with each stage of the planning process. Invite the bridal parties to appointments and events whenever possible. Go for lunch and a glass of sparkly after each wedding dress fitting. Order a take away on nights when you both need to sit down and make important decisions together. Open a bottle of wine when you’re sorting the guest and the table seating plan. Make each step is an occasion and it will ease away any stresses.

Stress-Free Planning…Delegate

Wedding planning brings out the control freaks in most of us and this is one aspect that I didn’t execute at all until the last minute. Delegate jobs and tasks throughout the process to take some of the pressure off you and your never-ending to-do list.

Create a Wedding WhatsApp group and throw out jobs that need doing whenever possible to your bridal party. From collecting suits and dresses or decor. To posting invites, picking up samples or making favours. If other’s can do it for you, ask. It really will alleviate some of the stress and free up your time to focus on the aspects that you need or want to do.

Plan Online

Wherever possible, plan aspects of your wedding online. From bridal accessories, favours, decor and even men’s wedding suits can be sourced online to save you time and allow you to plan from the comfort of your sofa.

Remember What Matters

It’s sometimes easy to forget what a wedding is all about when you’re drowning in swatches and favours.

Keep reminding yourself and each other to envision saying those vows. Remember why this marriage is important to you both. Weddings can become an expensive party. So you want to keep in sight of why you’ve chosen to say I DO to each other.

10 Ways to Plan A Stress Free Wedding: Katie and Jack as newlyweds taking to the dance floor for their first dance at their wedding

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