A Dinosaur Party…For Our Cave Baby’s 2nd Birthday

Billie's Dinosaur Birthday Cake and Banner

As soon as Billie started to crawl, she quickly morphed into a kind of cave baby.

Unlike her sister, who rarely moved unless she had to, Billie would scuttle anywhere and everywhere. Causing disruption and chaos in her wake. Usually chomping on scraps of food she’s found on the floor. Lobbing objects in frustration. Scowling and growling at anything she didn’t like, or did like, who knew?

Billie saying cheese to the camera sitting on the worktop

She was, and still is, the baby who would be found climbing everything that wasn’t laden with barbed wire. Always leaping from something. Giving me a heart attack as she would leap off furniture. Just assuming that someone would be there quick enough to catch her.

It was hardly surprising when she started taking a liking to Dinosaurs and perfecting her ROOAARR! Which is why is seemed perfectly suitable to throw her a little dinosaur themed tea party, to celebrate her second birthday.

Billie eating a slice of birthday cake looking sad because she doesn't feel very well

It was a just small affair with close family at our home. Good thing too as her birthday coincided with the day she came down with the chickenpox. So she wasn’t a very happy dinosaur all day bless her. But she still had fun, enjoyed her rainbow cake and lots of cuddles with her Nanny.

Billie’s Dinosaur Birthday Party

As we weren’t throwing a big party, I kept things low key, which wasn’t easy for the event planner in me. Especially once I fell into a Pinterest rabbit hole and started adding ideas to my Dinosaur Party Board. So I kept it really simple and budget-friendly and low key.

The food table spread with the toy dinosaurs scattered across it

We had quotes for a bespoke dinosaur birthday cake but decided not to order as it was working out too pricey. Instead, I picked up this Rainbow Sprinkles Cake from Asda for only £12.00. I then ordered this personalised Dinosaur Birthday Cake Topper from eBay, which all worked perfectly.

Since being dubbed as the Cave Baby, I couldn’t resist these personalised Good Dinosaur Birthday Banners from Ebay too.

The food table spread with the toy dinosaurs scattered across it

We added a few extra touches to the food table, such as a faux grass runner which I’d picked up from the Pound Shop around Easter time, but there’s a similar one here. I then scattered some toy dinosaurs over the food which we got from Asda and Argos. The Roar plates and napkins were also from Asda and these Dinosaur Balloons were a great touch too.

In keeping with our theme, I then ordered these personalised Good Dinosaur Thank You cards to give to family and friends for their kind birthday gifts.

Dinosaur Party Inspiration

If budget and time wasn’t an issue, I could have really gone to town with this theme. So I’ve listed below a few more Dinosaur party theme ideas that I loved below in case you’re after more inspiration. Or you can head over to my Pinterest Board here.

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