Simple Ways To Prepare For School

With only four weeks to go until the summer holidays begin, I thought it the perfect time to launch my Starting School Series. A series aimed to help ease both our pre-schoolers, and us, through this huge transition as smoothly as possible using a range of simple ways to prepare for school.

As a parent, I’ve always been keen to get past the nappy stage. But I was, and doubt I’ll ever be ready to send them off to school. There’s something so huge about being sent off into the big wide world of school. I was a wreck enough when she started nursery. But primary school. Eek! It’s a scary place and even as an adult, I remember a lot of it really vividly.

Simple Ways To Prepare For Primary School: Me and Elsie holding hands on the way to pre school

For the most part, I’m sure it was fun. But I also remember how scary and sometimes lonely it all was at times. So I’m keen to prepare Elsie as much as I can, to enable her to embrace this new experience in a positive way. Which is why I’ve been searching for different ways in which we can prepare for school and I have planned a series of blog posts in the hope that I can help more parents and children who are perhaps, like me, feeling really anxious about this transition.

Simple Ways To Prepare For School

Coming up in the series I’ll be asking a group of primary school teachers, who are also parents, for their advice on preparing pre-schoolers. As well and reviewing a collection of Starting School focused storybooks. So I’m hoping that there will be a range of ideas to suit everyone. In the first instalment of the series, I’m keeping it simple with just a few easy and natural activities to ease us in.

School Uniform

Simple Ways To Prepare For Primary School: Elsie School Uniform hanging up on the wardrobe

We’ve started talking a lot about her new school uniform and she was really excited to choose her pinafore dress. Everything else she wears will be mandatory uniform, so I wanted her to have a say in what she wore so that she will be comfortable and confident in her new school attire. Next up will be her school shoes, which we wont get until the end of the summer in case she has a growth spurt, but also because it will be good to stagger each preparation task.

Choosing School Name Labels

Last summer I worked with Petit-Fernand UK, where we were lucky enough to choose our own pack of personalised name label stickers to review. Elsie loved being able to choose which writing, font, colour and icon she had on her uniform labels. She choose a unicorn with a pink background, of course.

Having been a nanny and now a parent, I’ve had a lot of experience with a range of name labels and the Petit-Fernand range are by far the best. They are the most durable and easy to apply labels that I’ve used so far and because they are so long-lasting, we still have plenty left over to label everything she needs for starting school.

Positive Affirmation Cards

I stumbled on and purchased these Affirmation Cards for children over on Instagram and I thought they would be perfect in helping to build and encourage Elsie’s self-confidence and the way we can talk openly about her day. Having worked with many children over the years, I know how quickly they morph from these non-stop blabbing threenagers to moody pre-teens who come from school and just sit in silence staring at screens.

So I’m keen to try find new ways to help us both communicate our feelings and problems in a positive way. Just reading through these cards, we’ve already had some lovely, if bizzare, but funny little chats that have been inspired by each affirmation. Moving forward, I just know they will really come in handy throughout the summer and as we begin this new transition into the early school years.


Elsie is really into her gems. They are so special to her and she carries them around or hides them in secret places. So I recently picked up a few new ones that might help her prepare for school. Ones to encourage friendship, calmness, good luck and emotional independence. When she starts school I’m going to put them into a little pouch and hide them at the bottom of her bag so that she knows her special gems are there to support her whilst she’s in her classroom.

Conversation Prompts

We’re trying to talk about starting school as subtly as possible so as to not overwhelm her. I’m making a conscious effort to bring it up in conversation when she’s in a good mood to talk so that we can talk positively about the whole transition.

Simple Ways To Prepare For Primary School: Elsie leaning on a book

Simple things like pointing to the road the school is on as we drive by. Discussing different things or activities she will do at school. Or mentioning that she’ll learn certain things when she starts school. All little subtle, but positive hints and conversation starters, giving her a safe space to discuss any worries or concerns she might have too.

What sort of things are you doing, or have you done, to prepare your little ones for primary school? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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